Friday 8/10

Justin Kryzanowski somehow patched 911 into a drug deal, and when a dispatcher heard what was going on, she forwarded the call to police. When cops showed up to question the man at his apartment, he was visibly wasted and talking with slow and slurred speech – not to mention being in possession of pre-filled syringes, prescription meds and illegal weapons. He’s currently awaiting arraignment on several charges.


In Florida, James David Gray was weaving down a street in a suburb of Gainesville when a cop pulled him over and noticed that he reeked of booze – and had an open beer stashed in the mower’s cup holder. Gray said that he’d had a drinking problem since his teenage years, and began knocking back an 18-pack of Natural Light because he was hot and depressed over the fact that his lawn-mowing job didn’t pay him enough to survive – or buy a higher grade of beer.  Gray failed a field sobriety test, and looks to be well on his way to his fifth DUI conviction – which he’s matched with a couple of drug arrests.


A protester ticked off about high bank fees got tossed into jail on robbery charges even though he didn’t even attempt to rob place!  Dave Gorczynski allegedly carried two cardboard signs inside a Philadelphia Bank of America branch, one reading, “You’re being robbed,” and the other saying, “Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can rob a country.” An employee took a look at the signs and says he thought the man was trying to hold the place up, so he pressed the panic alarm, summoning cops to the scene. After questioning him about his motives, officers determined that Gorczynski merited felony charges including attempted bank robbery and terroristic threatening. He was released on bail after Occupy members donated $10,000 through the group’s Facebook page.

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