Friday 8/10

Justin Kryzanowski some­how patched 911 into a drug deal, and when a dis­patcher heard what was going on, she for­warded the call to police. When cops showed up to ques­tion the man at his apart­ment, he was vis­i­bly wasted and talk­ing with slow and slurred speech – not to men­tion being in pos­ses­sion of pre-filled syringes, pre­scrip­tion meds and ille­gal weapons. He’s cur­rently await­ing arraign­ment on sev­eral charges.


In Florida, James David Gray was weav­ing down a street in a sub­urb of Gainesville when a cop pulled him over and noticed that he reeked of booze – and had an open beer stashed in the mower’s cup holder. Gray said that he’d had a drink­ing prob­lem since his teenage years, and began knock­ing back an 18-pack of Nat­ural Light because he was hot and depressed over the fact that his lawn-mowing job didn’t pay him enough to sur­vive – or buy a higher grade of beer.  Gray failed a field sobri­ety test, and looks to be well on his way to his fifth DUI con­vic­tion – which he’s matched with a cou­ple of drug arrests.


A pro­tester ticked off about high bank fees got tossed into jail on rob­bery charges even though he didn’t even attempt to rob place!  Dave Gor­czyn­ski allegedly car­ried two card­board signs inside a Philadel­phia Bank of Amer­ica branch, one read­ing, “You’re being robbed,” and the other say­ing, “Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can rob a coun­try.” An employee took a look at the signs and says he thought the man was try­ing to hold the place up, so he pressed the panic alarm, sum­mon­ing cops to the scene. After ques­tion­ing him about his motives, offi­cers deter­mined that Gor­czyn­ski mer­ited felony charges includ­ing attempted bank rob­bery and ter­ror­is­tic threat­en­ing. He was released on bail after Occupy mem­bers donated $10,000 through the group’s Face­book page.

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