Friday 8/17

We’ve all wanted to give the finger to a politician – but a prison inmate in France made that a reality, by cutting off one of his digits and mailing it to the local minister of justice. The prisoner, whose name was not released, sent an envelope containing a chunk of his finger to the offices of Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, along with a letter asking for a transfer to a jail nearer to his family. There’s no word about whether his plea got a thumbs up from the authorities.

A Rhode Island marriage proposal went terribly wrong when a pilot was forced to ditch a small plane that was towing a banner with the big question. Boats had been searching the area after the man radioed his 8-year-old son just after 3pm saying he was going down. The Coast Guard says the pilot was found about 4pm by a good Samaritan; he was not seriously injured. No word on whether the proposal was otherwise a success.

A Florida man is facing a prison sentence after a traffic stop revealed him to be guilty of aggravated honesty. The 26-year-old, whose name was not released, was pulled over for making a turn without signaling. When the deputy reached the driver’s side window, he asked if the man was transporting any contraband, specifically illegal narcotics, and received a surprising reply when the driver said, “I wish I could say no.” The dopey driver then told the officer he could find a bag of weed and a pipe in the pickup’s center console. He has to be in court later this month to face two misdemeanor charges.

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