Friday 8/3

A Pittsburgh man allegedly broke into a woman’s apartment while drunk.  24-year-old Garrett Stauber, was arrested shortly after the burglary was reported.  Township police say a woman called 911 to report that Stauber kicked in her door, took the utensils out of her dishwasher, grabbed her dog then left. A neighbor heard what was going on and briefly scuffled with Stauber who was found sitting shirtless on a couch in his friend’s apartment in the same building where he had been staying recently.

Martin Tucker won his latest boxing match, but a bloody nose in the ring could send him to prison for bank robbery. The FBI said it obtained a swab used to stop the bleeding and found that DNA matched Tucker’s DNA on other evidence from a 2009 robbery at Monroe County Community Credit Union in Temperance, near the Michigan-Ohio border. Tucker’s DNA matched DNA from a mask believed to have been used in the robbery and from the steering wheel of the getaway car.

Florida cops were called to the eatery after Daniel Alan Settle had a few too many cocktails and began showing off his martial arts skills by cursing and aiming karate kicks in the direction of children. He didn’t do all that well, since witnesses say downing all those black belts made him too unsteady on his feet to function. A deputy said “He then asked me if he could demonstrate some karate moves on me, at which time I told him he could not.” When Settle resisted arrest, he was forced into a cruiser and charged with resisting an officer with violence.

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