Friday 9/14

The Guin­ness World Record holder for the world’s tallest mohawk Japan­ese fash­ion designer Kazuhiro Watan­abe, 40, has held the record since 2011. His hair­style most recently mea­sured 3 feet, 8.6 inches tall, He said he has been grow­ing his hair out for 15 years to protest con­for­mity in Japan­ese soci­ety, the New York Post reported Thursday.

Ger­many Author­i­ties said neigh­bors in the area reported the man had some 1,000 10-foot–
high mar­i­juana plants grow­ing on his prop­erty and nar­cotics offi­cers vis­ited the perps home and iden­ti­fied the plants for the 74-year-old farmer. The farmer told the offi­cers he had wanted to grow sun­flow­ers, but he didn’t have any seeds so he spread bird food across his fields and hoped for the best.

Police in Penn­syl­va­nia arrested a 53-year-old man as he tried to run away after assault­ing a teenage boy. And he would have got­ten away with it … if he didn’t stop to “Tebow” first before run­ning off. Police say David Edward McCosby was dri­ving through a res­i­den­tial neigh­bor­hood when the teen drove a rid­ing mower into his path. McCosby then got out of his car and assaulted the boy right on his front lawn. As cops were arriv­ing at the scene, McCosby fell to one knee and “Tebowed” before attempt­ing to run away. His prayers for leniency will most likely not be answered.

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