funbag explosionI’m not sure whether I should laugh or be appalled! A Beijing woman’s breast implant burst after she spent four hours lying on her stomach playing a game on her cell phone!  The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment and doctors say poor quality of the material used in the implants, combined with excessive pressure, caused them to rupture.  China ranks 3rd in the world for plastic surgery; 1.05 million went under the knife in 2011.  California ranks first.

Houston man Jason Jodway released his security camera footage, which depicts a swimsuit-clad woman driving up to his home in a yellow Ford Mustang, taking several days worth of mail from the mailbox and trying on a pair of shoes his wife had ordered online.  The woman apparently did not like the shoes and put them back in the shipping box before attempting unsuccessfully to enter the home through the front door. The security camera footage shows the woman driving over the grass of the front yard while leaving. Another neighbor captured security camera footage of the woman urinating on a patio! Jodway, who said he and his family were out of the state at the time of the incident, said he is concerned about identity theft. Jodway said police and his credit card companies have been notified.

Dominick Andrew Gordano was trying to break into a pick-up truck in the parking lot of a Chipotle restaurant when the owner shouted at him, leading him to run off, right out of his shoes! The victim tracked Giordano to a discount shoe store, where a deputy approached him and found he was carrying a brand-new pair of shoes – and sporting a big stain that he’d created when he peed himself in fear.  Giordano offered an explanation, according to the police report. He said he thought the Toyota Tundra was his because he “used to have a truck.”

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