Funny Money

John Jerni­gan was arrested and charged with 13 counts of utter­ing a coun­ter­feit bill after he allegedly tried funny moneyto pay a $400 tres­pass­ing fine with a col­lec­tion of bills that had the same ser­ial num­ber! A cour­t­house
clerk noticed that the $20 bills looked funny and alerted a deputy.When he was con­fronted Jerni­gan at first he claimed that he got the phony cash as pay from his employer. At the time of his arrest, Jerni­gan had 26 coun­ter­feit bills with him.

Neosporin is an antibi­otic oint­ment meant for small cuts and scrapes. A bul­let wound to the head prob­a­bly doesn’t qual­ify as such. A man in Alaska used Neosporin to treat an acci­den­tal, self-inflicted gun shot to his head and did so for five days before finally going to the hos­pi­tal. Police say 47-year-old James Doppler was han­dling a gun when it went off, result­ing in a “seri­ous but not life-threatening” injury. He refused to go to the hos­pi­tal but finally relented because his girl­friend kept nag­ging him to go. He’s expected to make a full recovery.

Peter Gaffey had a late din­ner at the Dubliner Irish Pub, which he washed down with enough beers to make him unsteady on his feet – and unsure about where he’d parked his ride. He ini­tially tried to pay the check with his debit card, but had it declined – so he left it on the bar and made a run for it. Cops were called to the scene and found him slumped against a black Mer­cedes that looked like his car – but wasn’t. His was across the street. An arrest­ing offi­cer says Gaffey was drunk and bel­liger­ent, and that he wouldn’t reveal his name. He was arrested and booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on fraud and resist­ing arrest charges.


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