Fuzzy Lovin'

baby-red-foxBritish man who was hoping for a little loving from his foxy girlfriend got half of his wish fulfilled when he woke up to a nuzzle on his neck and rolled over – to find that he was in bed with an actual fox!  (Or an extremely hairy girlfriend) Leon Smith reached over to snuggle after feeling what he thought was a romantic come-on, but found that he was sharing the sack with a fox that had apparently come in through the cat door. He quickly jumped up, but the critter didn’t go anywhere, leading Smith to say, “I just couldn’t believe it. It was so calm, just staring at me.”After a 10-minute standoff, Smith managed to shoo the fox out the door and back into the wild.

An unidentified acupuncture patient was receiving treatment and  had needles stuck in her back when she noticed her doctor, Jeff Tsing, and the other employee at the Hwa Tow Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Clinic had locked up and taken off!  The woman, locked inside, called 911. Tsing said he can’t understand how he forgot about his patient.

A Seattle area woman, who was not identified, had just left work and was driving home when a man suddenly ran out of an alley and into the street, forcing her to slam on her brakes. When she motioned for him to go ahead and complete his crossing, he had other ideas – going up to her vehicle waving a gun and yelling, “You better shut your mouth or I’m going to shoot your face off.” An officer responding to her 911 call found the man and arrested him on charges of harassment.

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