Fuzzy Lovin'

baby-red-foxBritish man who was hop­ing for a lit­tle lov­ing from his foxy girl­friend got half of his wish ful­filled when he woke up to a nuz­zle on his neck and rolled over – to find that he was in bed with an actual fox!  (Or an extremely hairy girl­friend) Leon Smith reached over to snug­gle after feel­ing what he thought was a roman­tic come-on, but found that he was shar­ing the sack with a fox that had appar­ently come in through the cat door. He quickly jumped up, but the crit­ter didn’t go any­where, lead­ing Smith to say, “I just couldn’t believe it. It was so calm, just star­ing at me.“After a 10-minute stand­off, Smith man­aged to shoo the fox out the door and back into the wild.

An uniden­ti­fied acupunc­ture patient was receiv­ing treat­ment and  had nee­dles stuck in her back when she noticed her doc­tor, Jeff Tsing, and the other employee at the Hwa Tow Acupunc­ture and Chi­nese Herbs Clinic had locked up and taken off!  The woman, locked inside, called 911. Tsing said he can’t under­stand how he for­got about his patient.

A Seat­tle area woman, who was not iden­ti­fied, had just left work and was dri­ving home when a man sud­denly ran out of an alley and into the street, forc­ing her to slam on her brakes. When she motioned for him to go ahead and com­plete his cross­ing, he had other ideas – going up to her vehi­cle wav­ing a gun and yelling, “You bet­ter shut your mouth or I’m going to shoot your face off.” An offi­cer respond­ing to her 911 call found the man and arrested him on charges of harassment.

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