Giant Bee Colony

A woman was kicked off an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York and it was all because of Houston – as in Whitney Houston. Apparently the flight crew and passengers got fed up with the woman’s refusal to stop singing Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You,” causing the pilot to make an emergency landing in Kansas City. Once on the ground, the woman – who was still belting out the tune – was detained by an air marshal and escorted off the plane. The pilot asked passengers to refrain from recording video of the event, but this is America – so the clip is already up on YouTube.

bees Utah resident Tyler Judd said he and his wife moved into their home in Provo about five months ago and soon noticed bees outside the house and later heard the insects buzzing inside the walls.  Turns out they had a beekeeper come and take a look and he removed about 40,000 of them.  Beekeeper Al Chubak said the bees had likely been in the home for three to four years and were damaging the insulation. “They’re actually taking the insulation out and they’re putting their honeycomb and their hive in its place,” Judd said. Chubak said he removed the bees with a vacuum and the hive was being relocated.

 Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said traffic delays were caused when motorists slowed to gawk at a woman who was taking a nude walk in with her 40-something mother, her toddler and her newborn. Capt. Rod Farley said. “This was Adam and Eve stuff, not even a loincloth.” The women told officers that the Lord told them to get naked and walk down the street.  Police said the women received physical and mental evaluations at Presbyterian Matthews Hospital.

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