Good cop, bad timeing

Paul Harbord, had been drinking all day with friends at a pub in Old Shotton and had been told to bad copexpect “entertainment” shortly before a woman walked into the bar dressed as an officer.  “Look, here is one of the strippers!” Harbord allegedly yelled.  Harbord danced around the officer and flicked her with a bar towel before being placed under arrest.  Turns out she was a real officer after all, who came to investigate a call about some rowdy folks at the pub.He did not believe she was a real police officer until she took him to the station for processing.  Harbord pleaded guilty to obstructing an officer and was sentenced to six months of probation.

Ohio woman Sheila Ranea Crabtree is petitioning the court to let her legally change her name to something she feels better suits her – “Sexy.” Her reason is simple. She explains, “I do wear a lot of Victoria’s Secret clothes and my husband calls me sexy all the time. It’s kind of like my personality. I just love to be adventurous, have fun and do all kinds of things.” She has a February 11th date with a judge to see if he’ll allow the name change. If not, she says she’ll choose the name “Sparkle.”

ANSA, a school in Italy, reported the fifth-grade teacher at a Catholic school in borrowed a USB drive from a parent to show her class music videos from the 1980s, but when she inserted the drive into her classroom’s digital blackboard it displayed a few seconds of pornographic images!  The school principal apologized for the incident, saying it was unintentional and the teacher had not checked the USB drive after borrowing it. The children are being given psychological counseling and explanations about human behavior to help them understand the images they saw, officials said.


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