Gun toteing banana

bananaPolice in Beaumont, Texas, cited an 18-year-old for violating a city ordinance that prohibits soliciting in and alongside roadways after they received multiple calls about a man carrying an AK-47 while
dressed as a banana near Highway 105!The teen was helping to advertise the grand opening of the Golden Triangle Tactical store’s new location. The store’s owner, Derek Poe, told 12News that the man had the AK-47 slung across his back while holding a sign with an arrow pointing toward the store.  Oh, so that makes it ok.  I guess the owner thinks so because he was previously charged with disorderly conduct for carrying an assault rifle on his back while he was heading to his store inside the Parkdale Mall.  After detaining the teen, Beaumont police found that the rifle had a drum magazine with at least a 50-round capacity.It’s possible that there could be criminal charges related to the
man’s display of the firearm.

A French judge hearing an assault case this week declared a frozen chicken to be a weapon. The ruling in eastern France led to a 35-year-old man being given a year in prison for smacking his ex-
girlfriend with the chicken he grabbed from her refrigerator during a drunken argument at her home. The defendant, who was subject to a restraining order, trashed the woman’s apartment after clobbering her with the chicken.

Police in Germany said witnesses called authorities around because a man was trapped inside a Porsche Cayenne sport utility vehicle. Eyewitnesses reported that he kicked the vehicle’s door in panic … but couldn’t get out!  Police said the owner of the vehicle finally arrived and unlocked the doors just as firefighters were preparing to free the suspect. Turns out the 50-year-old man allegedly broke into the vehicle in an attempt to steal valuables, but was trapped when the central locking system activated. The man was arrested on suspicion of theft from a vehicle, police said.

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