Gun toteing banana

bananaPolice in Beau­mont, Texas, cited an 18-year-old for vio­lat­ing a city ordi­nance that pro­hibits solic­it­ing in and along­side road­ways after they received mul­ti­ple calls about a man car­ry­ing an AK-47 while
dressed as a banana near High­way 105!The teen was help­ing to adver­tise the grand open­ing of the Golden Tri­an­gle Tac­ti­cal store’s new loca­tion. The store’s owner, Derek Poe, told 12News that the man had the AK-47 slung across his back while hold­ing a sign with an arrow point­ing toward the store.  Oh, so that makes it ok.  I guess the owner thinks so because he was pre­vi­ously charged with dis­or­derly con­duct for car­ry­ing an assault rifle on his back while he was head­ing to his store inside the Park­dale Mall.  After detain­ing the teen, Beau­mont police found that the rifle had a drum mag­a­zine with at least a 50-round capacity.It’s pos­si­ble that there could be crim­i­nal charges related to the
man’s dis­play of the firearm.

A French judge hear­ing an assault case this week declared a frozen chicken to be a weapon. The rul­ing in east­ern France led to a 35-year-old man being given a year in prison for smack­ing his ex–
girl­friend with the chicken he grabbed from her refrig­er­a­tor dur­ing a drunken argu­ment at her home. The defen­dant, who was sub­ject to a restrain­ing order, trashed the woman’s apart­ment after clob­ber­ing her with the chicken.

Police in Ger­many said wit­nesses called author­i­ties around because a man was trapped inside a Porsche Cayenne sport util­ity vehi­cle. Eye­wit­nesses reported that he kicked the vehicle’s door in panic … but couldn’t get out!  Police said the owner of the vehi­cle finally arrived and unlocked the doors just as fire­fight­ers were prepar­ing to free the sus­pect. Turns out the 50-year-old man allegedly broke into the vehi­cle in an attempt to steal valu­ables, but was trapped when the cen­tral lock­ing sys­tem acti­vated. The man was arrested on sus­pi­cion of theft from a vehi­cle, police said.

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