Halloween Candy and You!


As you pre­pare to hand out piles of candy to a bunch of trick-or-treaters this Hal­loween, give some thought to what kind of candy you’re going to give out.  As it turns out, your candy actu­ally says a lot about the type of per­son you are.

  • Sweet Tarts and Skit­tles - You’re a lit­tle wacky and want peo­ple to think you’re a lot of fun. Chances are you’re a man dressed up asCher with a mir­ror ball and it’s rain­ing men blar­ing from your stereo.
  • Lol­lipops – This candy shows every­one that you made no effort this year… or you’re 80 years old
  • Toot­sie Rolls – You’re plain and sim­ple and sim­ply broke. 
  • Full-Sized Bars – You’re a Show off
  • Candy Corn – You’re tra­di­tional and a bit boring.
  • Pop­corn balls – You don’t own a TV or a radio and have no idea that your neigh­bors will auto­mat­i­cally assume you’re try­ing to poi­son their children!
  • Non-Candy – If you give out any­thing other than candy like pen­nies, pen­cils or raisins. Brace your­self for an egg, TP, and shav­ing cream attack.  These kids mean business!

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