When a bridge is moving...don't attempt to walk over it.

Carol Omeara dialed 911 and told the dispatcher she needed aid because she couldn’t get out of her car. When the operator asked if she was having mechanical or medical difficulties, Omeara replied that she was too wasted to exit the vehicle – an admission that led deputies to show up at her home moments later. When officers arrived to help the 55-year-old, they found her sitting behind the wheel with her keys in her pocket – and enough alcohol on her breath to blow nearly four times the legal limit for driving. She was hauled in on her 4th DUI charge.

woman on brigeA woman had participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Walk and decided to take shortcut home across the bridge while it was raised! There’s good news and bad news for a Dania Beach, Florida woman. The good news — she was rescued.  The bad news is that she will likely be charged with trespassing and there is news footage of her everywhere. Robert Ledoux, a spokesman for the Florida East Coast Railway said, “There are numerous ‘No Trespassing’ signs. There is no way she could not know she was trespassing.” The 55-year-old woman was “stuck in a Jesus Christ position,” according to one witness.

The officer initially approached Alisa Stone because he spotted her walking unsteadily in a bike lane on the street, ignoring the sidewalk just a few feet to her left. As he was preparing a written warning, the cop asked if he could check her bag – a decision he made after she voluntarily admitted to having drug arrests on her record. When Stone reluctantly agreed, he spotted a bag o weed, which she insisted was a tampon. Pressed further, she reached in to the bag and pulled out an actual tampon, which was speckled with pot residue.  She faces misdemeanor charges.

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