He be trippin'

Wash­ing­ton state home­own­ers were awak­ened in the wee hours of the morn­ing when an uniden­ti­fied, he be trippinnaked man crashed through their front door and began loudly recit­ing pas­sages from the Bible while run­ning around the house. The woman resid­ing there dialed 911 while her hus­band grabbed a base­ball bat to inves­ti­gate the sit­u­a­tion and chased the nude intruder into the street. Cops respond­ing to the scene say they dis­cov­ered the man, still naked, wan­der­ing down the street and talk­ing to him­self. He was taken to a hos­pi­tal after reveal­ing that he’d taken a large quan­tity LSD

Wit­nesses called the police after see­ing a woman side­swipe a pair of vehi­cles in sep­a­rate inci­dents before pulling over to check on her own car. By the time the deputies arrived on the scene, the dri­ver, whose name was not released, had taken off – but was tracked to a pub not far down the road. The offi­cers approached the woman at the bar and asked that she take the sobri­ety test, but she refused, telling them she was “too busy drink­ing” to com­ply. She was then taken into cus­tody on sus­pi­cion of DUI.

Shing Feng had seen a num­ber of doc­tors, none of whom seemed able to give her an answer about the issue, which started as mild dis­com­fort, but even­tu­ally became so bad she couldn’t eat prop­erly or con­cen­trate on her stud­ies. She finally found a physi­cian affil­i­ated with a hos­pi­tal, and he ordered the X-ray, which revealed a foun­tain pen, posi­tioned at an awk­ward angle. She was wheeled into surgery imme­di­ately. In recov­ery, she said she didn’t recall swal­low­ing the object, but imag­ined it might have hap­pened dur­ing a drunken cel­e­bra­tion after her finals.

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