He be trippin'

Washington state homeowners were awakened in the wee hours of the morning when an unidentified, he be trippinnaked man crashed through their front door and began loudly reciting passages from the Bible while running around the house. The woman residing there dialed 911 while her husband grabbed a baseball bat to investigate the situation and chased the nude intruder into the street. Cops responding to the scene say they discovered the man, still naked, wandering down the street and talking to himself. He was taken to a hospital after revealing that he’d taken a large quantity LSD

Witnesses called the police after seeing a woman sideswipe a pair of vehicles in separate incidents before pulling over to check on her own car. By the time the deputies arrived on the scene, the driver, whose name was not released, had taken off – but was tracked to a pub not far down the road. The officers approached the woman at the bar and asked that she take the sobriety test, but she refused, telling them she was “too busy drinking” to comply. She was then taken into custody on suspicion of DUI.

Shing Feng had seen a number of doctors, none of whom seemed able to give her an answer about the issue, which started as mild discomfort, but eventually became so bad she couldn’t eat properly or concentrate on her studies. She finally found a physician affiliated with a hospital, and he ordered the X-ray, which revealed a fountain pen, positioned at an awkward angle. She was wheeled into surgery immediately. In recovery, she said she didn’t recall swallowing the object, but imagined it might have happened during a drunken celebration after her finals.

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