He got (stuck in) the shaft

It probably seemed like the perfect plan on paper: Climb up on the roof of the local Arby’s after it closed arbysfor the night, zip inside through the ventilation shaft, and then plunder the store’s vast riches. Except police say a would-be burglar in South Carolina ended up stuck in that ventilation shaft for about 10 hours until the morning crew opened up and heard him shouting for help! Rescuers had to cut him out of there, and he suffered dehydration and a possible broken arm. Laquain Deshawn Guy, 22, will face second-degree burglary charges as soon as he’s out of the hospital.

Ross McMakin was arrested after he allegedly drove his car onto a sidewalk, hit a parked car, then attempted to strangle his girlfriend when she tried taking the keys from him because (obviously) he was too drunk to drive.  Oh, and he was wearing a shirt that said ‘Drunk As Sh*t.

A new restaurant in Sweden set to open this spring is already offending some potential customers and it hasn’t even served up any food. The shop, “A [Expletive] Awesome Sandwich,” is being opened by two brothers.  One of the brothers, Christian says, “It’s not the F-word in a negative context,” he told The Local. “It could be a question of humor, we thought it was a fun name. My 7-year-old daughter is not allowed to swear, but she knows how to use ‘[expletive]’ in the right context.”  What???? 


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