He got (stuck in) the shaft

It prob­a­bly seemed like the per­fect plan on paper: Climb up on the roof of the local Arby’s after it closed arbysfor the night, zip inside through the ven­ti­la­tion shaft, and then plun­der the store’s vast riches. Except police say a would-be bur­glar in South Car­olina ended up stuck in that ven­ti­la­tion shaft for about 10 hours until the morn­ing crew opened up and heard him shout­ing for help! Res­cuers had to cut him out of there, and he suf­fered dehy­dra­tion and a pos­si­ble bro­ken arm. Laquain Deshawn Guy, 22, will face second-degree bur­glary charges as soon as he’s out of the hospital.

Ross McMakin was arrested after he allegedly drove his car onto a side­walk, hit a parked car, then attempted to stran­gle his girl­friend when she tried tak­ing the keys from him because (obvi­ously) he was too drunk to drive.  Oh, and he was wear­ing a shirt that said ‘Drunk As Sh*t.

A new restau­rant in Swe­den set to open this spring is already offend­ing some poten­tial cus­tomers and it hasn’t even served up any food. The shop, “A [Exple­tive] Awe­some Sand­wich,” is being opened by two broth­ers.  One of the broth­ers, Chris­t­ian says, “It’s not the F-word in a neg­a­tive con­text,” he told The Local. “It could be a ques­tion of humor, we thought it was a fun name. My 7-year-old daugh­ter is not allowed to swear, but she knows how to use ‘[exple­tive]’ in the right con­text.”  What???? 


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