He should've gone to work

Florida Cops say Dwayne Yeager called police and reported a burglary at his house. When they arrived, burglarized homethey saw that his house had been ransacked, but found no signs of a forced entry. They were a little suspicious and then spoke to his neighbors who knew nothing about a break in. Yeager eventually came clean and said he did it because he didn’t want to go to work.  He’s been charged with providing false information to police.

A bad business deal is never good and Texas woman Evelyn Hamilton decided to dial 911 to complain that she’d paid 40 bucks for what she described as a bag of “seeds and residue.” An officer dispatched to her home asked if she still had the inferior weed in question, and she pulled it out of her bra!  She was arrested for possession. She was released later that day after posting $500 bail.


Carlos Lopez, the purchasing director for the City of Hialeah, FL, was pulled over for a traffic violation, and the officer on the scene noticed a vial of meth ON THE FRONT SEAT. The officer also noticed that Lopez was driving around with his pants undone. While Lopez said there was no particular reason for the open trousers, a canine cop sniffed out a problem – at which point he admitted stuffing the pipe up his butt to hide it.  Lopez was taken to a hospital to have the pipe removed, according to the arrest report.

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