He'll cry himself to sleep on his wee pillow

British aviation authorities confirmed a jet carrying about 200 passengers nearly collided with a UFO above Scotland!  The Airbus A320 was about 11 miles east of Glasgow Airport when the pilot told air traffic control the plane “just had something pass underneath us quite close.” The board said the object spotted by the pilot and co-pilot did not set off the traffic collision avoidance systems and was not picked up by radar at Glasgow Airport, but it was spotted 28 seconds before the incident by radar at nearly Glasgow Prestwick Airport. The Airprox board said the object could not have been another plane, a helicopter or a man-carrying balloon. It said the object was unlikely to be a glider, hang glider or para-motor.

Giant headAnyone lose a giant head? That’s what officials at an upstate New York college are asking after the men’s crew team found the unusual object floating in the Hudson River. Officials at Marist College in Poughkeepsie say the team was practicing earlier this week when the coach spotted a large object floating near the river’s west bank. He hooked a rope to it and towed it to the team’s dock on the east bank. The object turned out to be a 7-foot-tall replica of a man’s head made with Styrofoam and fiberglass. The head has the appearance of a Greek or Roman-style statue. College officials believe it’s a theater prop, but so far no one has come forward to claim the giant head.

Linda B. Lopez, 33, told police she fell asleep and when she woke up, her marijuana was gone. She accused her husband of smoking the pot without her, which lead to a heated argument where Lopez reportedly began punching and threatening to stab her husband with a knife. She then allegedly punctured a plastic perfume bottle, poured the perfume on some towels and set them on fire. Lopez was charged with aggravated arson.

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