He'll cry himself to sleep on his wee pillow

British avi­a­tion author­i­ties con­firmed a jet car­ry­ing about 200 pas­sen­gers nearly col­lided with a UFO above Scot­land!  The Air­bus A320 was about 11 miles east of Glas­gow Air­port when the pilot told air traf­fic con­trol the plane “just had some­thing pass under­neath us quite close.” The board said the object spot­ted by the pilot and co-pilot did not set off the traf­fic col­li­sion avoid­ance sys­tems and was not picked up by radar at Glas­gow Air­port, but it was spot­ted 28 sec­onds before the inci­dent by radar at nearly Glas­gow Prest­wick Air­port. The Air­prox board said the object could not have been another plane, a heli­copter or a man-carrying bal­loon. It said the object was unlikely to be a glider, hang glider or para-motor.

Giant headAny­one lose a giant head? That’s what offi­cials at an upstate New York col­lege are ask­ing after the men’s crew team found the unusual object float­ing in the Hud­son River. Offi­cials at Marist Col­lege in Pough­keep­sie say the team was prac­tic­ing ear­lier this week when the coach spot­ted a large object float­ing near the river’s west bank. He hooked a rope to it and towed it to the team’s dock on the east bank. The object turned out to be a 7-foot-tall replica of a man’s head made with Sty­ro­foam and fiber­glass. The head has the appear­ance of a Greek or Roman-style statue. Col­lege offi­cials believe it’s a the­ater prop, but so far no one has come for­ward to claim the giant head.

Linda B. Lopez, 33, told police she fell asleep and when she woke up, her mar­i­juana was gone. She accused her hus­band of smok­ing the pot with­out her, which lead to a heated argu­ment where Lopez report­edly began punch­ing and threat­en­ing to stab her hus­band with a knife. She then allegedly punc­tured a plas­tic per­fume bot­tle, poured the per­fume on some tow­els and set them on fire. Lopez was charged with aggra­vated arson.

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