Here's looking at you!

Watch what you’re doing in public, America: Someone may be filming you. In a new survey, 50% of American adults say they would take a secret video with their
smartphone, the Baltimore Sun reports. Queried on their favorite subjects, their answers included:

23%: People in embarrassing outfits. Gee, I’ve gotta be out there somewhere…
15%: A person tripping or falling. 
10%: A sexy waitress.
9%: A shirtless hunk mowing the neighbor’s lawn.
7%: Cheerleaders. Bet they’re pleased to be tied with a donut!
7%: A boss or co-worker eating a second donut.  Heaven forbid!!
6%: Repulsive grooming habits. Picking your nose?  The ol’ lick fingers & groom eyebrow trick?

Unknown source