He's a li-on!

Bolivian herder Carmelo Flores Laura turned 123 last month, according to the country’s civil registry. The man was born in 1890, and, if the record is accurate, is now the oldest living person ever recorded. He does not wear glasses and walks without a cane. Flores has three children, 16 grandchildren and 39 great-grandchildren.  He was 24 when World War I broke out, and 62 when Queen Elizabeth took the throne. He was 16 when Butch Cassidy fled to Bolivia, and has lived through six of 17 Bolivian constitutions and 53 presidents, plus several juntas in between. Flores credits his long life to taking long walks and never eating pasta or sugar. He takes the record from Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 at age 122.

 Officials in Russia’s Siberia region said Shorsky National Park has cleared a path to the cave reputed to be home to the legendary creature Bigfoot. In 2008 there was a Bigfoot sighting. Volunteers at the park cleared 11 miles of trail and adorned the cave with tables, chairs and a welcome banner for tourists visiting Bigfoot. Also, a welcome invitation for Bigfoot to have a juicy human dinner.  The table’s already set!

Dog lionOne visitor to the Louhe city zoo in central Henan province took her son to show him the different sounds the animals made but the animal in the cage marked “African lion” was barking. The so-called lion was actually a Tibetan mastiff, a large, long-haired dog breed. Three other species housed incorrectly included a white fox in a leopard’s den and a dog in a wolf pen.

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