Hey, I know that lady!

Workers at an upscale leather store in California didn’t need a surveillance camera to identify a shoplifter sabina— they just turned on the local news … where she works as a reporter. Sabina Rodriguez, who works for a Fox station in Sacramento, was busted last week when a Coach employee channel-flipped her way onto a report and recognized her as the person responsible for stealing 10 or so wallets from the store. She turned herself in and was charged with grand theft, burglary and conspiracy.

A 48-year-old Irishman hopes to have many more years left on earth, but he’s planning his own funeral now … because he wants it to be a celebration. Anto Wickham has spent about $5,000 to construct a coffin made to look exactly like a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. He says he doesn’t want a “normal funeral” (obviously) and thought being buried in his favorite liquor would be funny and different. He also wants to ask Guinness to transport his body inside the coffin to the cemetery in one of their delivery vans. Wickham, who is a former Irish soldier who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, says he started thinking about his own death after losing eight of his colleagues.

Massachusetts man Timothy Schoener took his girlfriend and their two-year-old child on the not-so-excellent adventure, which unfolded in the middle of the day. A mail carrier, who’d heard reports of burglaries on his route, called cops when he saw a suspicious looking man enter the home – and when the officers arrived on the scene, Schoener’s girlfriend drove off, leaving him stranded! When police caught up with her, she told them that Schoener had gotten lost, and gone into the house to ask for directions, but he ended up confessing after they spotted him hiding under a pile of dirty laundry.

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