Hey, that's not white chocolate!

Customs officers at Newark Liberty International airport were examining luggage from passengers arriving to New Jersey on a flight from white choco chipGuatemala City. Guatemalan citizen Mauricio Hernandez was arrested after officers allegedly discovered some cookies in his bags with 118 pellets of cocaine baked into them! A $50,000 street value! He faces state charges of narcotics smuggling


It’s all fun and games doing the wild thing in a moving vehicle…that is until the car crashes. That’s exactly what a woman in China discovered when she broke both of her legs during a raging threesome that came to an abrupt end when the car smashed into a tree. The man walked away from the accident without any injuries, but his two lady friends had to be treated at a nearby hospital. Some guys have all the luck
Pro tip: Shooting yourself with a gun you smuggled into prison won’t get you lawsuit money or a reduced sentence. Deshandre Billups and Kirk Cartwright found this out the hard way. Apparently, back in March Billups and Cartwright were shot with a .25-caliber Beretta inside the Columbia Correction Institution. They told guards that they were shot by an unknown assailant while they were praying in their cell. Well, the two Florida inmates, along with five others, were arrested in what authorities describe as a plot to sue the Florida Department of Corrections. Oops.

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