Hide that sausage!

Cops say 52-year-old Ken­neth Der­win Clark showed Wendy’s employ­ees exactly where the beef is. He sausage1first did it at night, and when the drive-thru employee greeted him, he turned on his inte­rior light and exposed him­self. Then, two days later he did the same thing twice more. Employ­ees were less than impressed with “the beef” and police were called.  They arrested him on charges of inde­cent expo­sure, open lewd­ness, dis­or­derly con­duct and dri­ving with a sus­pended license. 

An Aus­trian mechanic couldn’t pass up the oppor­tu­nity to go for a joyride after a cus­tomer dropped off his $200,000 Lam­borgh­ini for repairs. After all, what’s the worst that could hap­pen? Well, he crashed the car into a guardrail and flipped it over onto its roof, destroy­ing the vehi­cle. The mechanic, and his buddy who came along for the ride, were lucky to escape seri­ous injury.

Keveen Quin­tanilla gave bar­tender Ash­leigh Cullen at the restau­rant Curry Up Now his dig­its in the hope of land­ing a date. Well, he allegedly came back soon after and stacked a TV and other elec­tron­ics by the rear door in hopes of steal­ing the prod­uct. The bar­tendress rec­og­nized him because he “had flirted with her” only 30 min­utes before he tried to make off with the goods! To catch him offi­cers texted him to set up a “date.”  Quin­tanilla, think­ing it was the bar­tender showed up and was arrested. Not the date he was prob­a­bly hop­ing for and cer­tainly not a cheap one.

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