His fly came undone

A lawyer in Kaza­khstan, who was hired by his client to rep­re­sent him in a case involv­ing an inher­i­tance, flyswatting lawyerwas unhappy with the judge’s rul­ing. So he approached the bench hold­ing a fly­swat­ter and said, “Let’s not hang about argu­ing the law here, let’s decide this with fly­swat­ters” and then laid a smack down on the judge, swat­ting him three times! The oppos­ing lawyer stepped in to restrain him and the judge wres­tled with him as well. The entire inci­dent was cap­tured on closed-circuit TV. The lawyer has since been barred from prac­tic­ing and was charged with assault.


A kid was hang­ing out in his front yard with a friend when they heard a noise inside and decided to have a look in the liv­ing room – where they spot­ted George Mar­tin stretched out and enjoy­ing a cock­tail. When he refused to leave, the boys grabbed a knife and ran to the base­ment to call 911. When cops arrived on the scene, Mar­tin was still there, with the half-emptied bot­tle of booze on a table next to him. He told the offi­cers he thought he was at an address that was 10 miles away! He was sup­posed to meet a woman named Jean­nie – and appeared to be con­fused about how he got into the house. He was booked on charges of crim­i­nal trespassing.


A warn­ing to par­ents – if you set lim­its for your kids, you may have a child who grows up to be like Lee Weir. The 27-year-old from New Zealand, who wasn’t allowed to watch the Simp­sons when he was a kid, has just set the Guin­ness World Record for most tat­toos of a sin­gle, par­tic­u­lar car­toon char­ac­ter — Homer Simp­son – 41 to be exact. Each one shows Homer in a dif­fer­ent incar­na­tion includ­ing as a jack-in-the-box and as a donut. Weir, who gave up drink­ing this year, says the money he spent on the tat­toos is what he would have oth­er­wise used to buy booze.

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