Home Economics FAIL

I pulled some stu­pid stuff in my days in school but noth­ing like this…four Iowa mid­dle school stu­dents Brownies2weren’t feel­ing so sweet after they were arrested for try­ing to make pot cook­ies in home eco­nom­ics class!  Other stu­dents who knew about the plan alerted school offi­cials about the laced cookie dough while it was being stored overnight. All four stu­dents have been sus­pended and two have been charged with felony deliv­ery of mar­i­juana, while the other two are fac­ing mis­de­meanor pos­ses­sion charges. The cookie dough was never baked or eaten.  This just proves, kids, that drugs make you stupid.

As far as crazy bach­e­lor party tales go, this one will be tough to top. The plan was for 11 guys in their 20s to travel from Min­nesota to the Ken­tucky Derby in a rented RV, but the group didn’t even make it out of the state.  One of the RV’s own­ers had report­edly told the group that two of the vehicle’s com­part­ments weren’t oper­a­ble and should remain closed.  But (of course) some­one opened one of the doors, and an unpleas­ant odor wafted out. They opened the sec­ond door, and there was a male body…dead…for a while. Police were called and seized the RV—and took the group into the sta­tion to be ques­tioned and finger-printed, though groom-to-be Dan Trainor says police quickly “real­ized we had noth­ing to do with it.”   As for the iden­tity of the body, or how it got there, police are inves­ti­gat­ing. Trainor tells KSTP the RV was rented from “a friend of a friend of a friend.”

Mal­colm Sid­bury called 911 after his car was allegedly side-swiped by Thomas Rob­bins as he tried to pass him. After the acci­dent, Rob­bins drove away. Sid­bury called cops and when the police found both Rob­bins and Sid­bury they sus­pected Rob­bins of being drunk and gave him a breath test. The 57-year-old report­edly had a blood-alcohol con­tent of .25, well over the legal limit. Then they real­ized that Sid­bury “was under the influ­ence of drugs.” The 38-year-old was charged with dri­ving while impaired by drugs.  Both men were tick­eted and released.

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