Home Economics FAIL

I pulled some stupid stuff in my days in school but nothing like this…four Iowa middle school students Brownies2weren’t feeling so sweet after they were arrested for trying to make pot cookies in home economics class!  Other students who knew about the plan alerted school officials about the laced cookie dough while it was being stored overnight. All four students have been suspended and two have been charged with felony delivery of marijuana, while the other two are facing misdemeanor possession charges. The cookie dough was never baked or eaten.  This just proves, kids, that drugs make you stupid.

As far as crazy bachelor party tales go, this one will be tough to top. The plan was for 11 guys in their 20s to travel from Minnesota to the Kentucky Derby in a rented RV, but the group didn’t even make it out of the state.  One of the RV’s owners had reportedly told the group that two of the vehicle’s compartments weren’t operable and should remain closed.  But (of course) someone opened one of the doors, and an unpleasant odor wafted out. They opened the second door, and there was a male body…dead…for a while. Police were called and seized the RV—and took the group into the station to be questioned and finger-printed, though groom-to-be Dan Trainor says police quickly “realized we had nothing to do with it.”   As for the identity of the body, or how it got there, police are investigating. Trainor tells KSTP the RV was rented from “a friend of a friend of a friend.”

Malcolm Sidbury called 911 after his car was allegedly side-swiped by Thomas Robbins as he tried to pass him. After the accident, Robbins drove away. Sidbury called cops and when the police found both Robbins and Sidbury they suspected Robbins of being drunk and gave him a breath test. The 57-year-old reportedly had a blood-alcohol content of .25, well over the legal limit. Then they realized that Sidbury “was under the influence of drugs.” The 38-year-old was charged with driving while impaired by drugs.  Both men were ticketed and released.

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