Hot box Hysteria

The Dem­ing Head­light reports 61-year-old Robert Shep­pard told police he was eat­ing as he drove in front of the Wal­mart Super­store and that he began to choke, caus­ing him to lose con­trol of his pickup truck. Accord­ing to police, the pickup, trav­el­ing at a “high rate of speed,” struck an SUV and then a propane tank attached to a grill in front of the store. Wit­nesses reported see­ing a mas­sive fire­ball that extended over the roof of the store. Three peo­ple were injured, includ­ing the per­son oper­at­ing the grill.

A Kansas City, Mis­souri gas sta­tion clerk got the sur­prise of her life when she opened a box left at the sta­tion and found a pair of eye balls star­ing back at her! A police spokesman said that the department’s lab exam­ined the eye­balls, found inside a box labeled “keep refrig­er­ated,” and believe they likely belonged to a pig. Although there is sur­veil­lance video that shows two men in a blue Toy­ota dump­ing the box in the trash at the sta­tion, police aren’t going to inves­ti­gate any fur­ther, because it doesn’t appear a crime has been com­mit­ted. The pig might disagree.

hotboxState troop­ers in north­ern New Jer­sey didn’t have to go far to make a pot bust. They didn’t even have to get in their cruis­ers.  Police say a trooper set­ting out for night patrol caught a whiff of mar­i­juana. Police say they caught three men light­ing up in a car in the park­ing lot of the police bar­racks.   Police say they were wait­ing for another man who was inside the sta­tion pick­ing up paper­work for an impounded car. All four men were charged with drug pos­ses­sion. Author­i­ties say for some rea­son, the men didn’t expect to see a trooper in the park­ing lot of the state police barracks.

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