Hot box Hysteria

The Deming Headlight reports 61-year-old Robert Sheppard told police he was eating as he drove in front of the Walmart Superstore and that he began to choke, causing him to lose control of his pickup truck. According to police, the pickup, traveling at a “high rate of speed,” struck an SUV and then a propane tank attached to a grill in front of the store. Witnesses reported seeing a massive fireball that extended over the roof of the store. Three people were injured, including the person operating the grill.

A Kansas City, Missouri gas station clerk got the surprise of her life when she opened a box left at the station and found a pair of eye balls staring back at her! A police spokesman said that the department’s lab examined the eyeballs, found inside a box labeled “keep refrigerated,” and believe they likely belonged to a pig. Although there is surveillance video that shows two men in a blue Toyota dumping the box in the trash at the station, police aren’t going to investigate any further, because it doesn’t appear a crime has been committed. The pig might disagree.

hotboxState troopers in northern New Jersey didn’t have to go far to make a pot bust. They didn’t even have to get in their cruisers.  Police say a trooper setting out for night patrol caught a whiff of marijuana. Police say they caught three men lighting up in a car in the parking lot of the police barracks.   Police say they were waiting for another man who was inside the station picking up paperwork for an impounded car. All four men were charged with drug possession. Authorities say for some reason, the men didn’t expect to see a trooper in the parking lot of the state police barracks.

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