Hot n Spicy Weaponry

A dog owner in Florida found out the hard way his pooch was a real hunt­ing dog!  Gre­gory Dale Lanier said that he was tool­ing down the road when his dog jumped onto the floor and dis­charged his nine-millimeter weapon, which the owner thought was unloaded. Lanier heard a loud noise, saw smoke, then felt a burn­ing in his leg. Since he was not seri­ously injured, nei­ther he nor the pup was charged in the incident.

Spray painted grassOffi­cials in one Chi­nese town decided it would be a good idea to show res­i­dents that the grass was greener on their side of the fence. So folks in Chengdu province got an early spring when they left their houses in the morn­ing to see the grass all around them a bright shade of green…with paint.  One res­i­dent, whose mood was sup­posed to be lifted by the act, said, “When I walked on the green grass the paint came off on my sneak­ers. What kind of fool tried to beat nature like this?”  Town offi­cials defended the action, say­ing peo­ple feel more pos­i­tive when sur­rounded by green.  Pretty sure it’s the fumes and not the actual paint that makes them happy!

Erik Brown allegedly smashed a young rel­a­tive man in the face with a bur­rito from his local Taco Bell, leav­ing him, accord­ing to the police report, with “bur­rito cheese, sauce and meat all over his cloth­ing and face.” Brown, who admit­ted to using the snack as a weapon, said that he acted after the 16-year-old vic­tim was dis­re­spect­ful to his mother and had cursed at the woman. Brown, who threat­ened to go after the kid again after his release, is sched­uled for a hear­ing on March 20th.  Next time it will be a gordita…with fire sauce!

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