How many zeros is that?

Thank goodness for poor eyesight. A drive-by shooting unleashed a wave of bullets on a Seattle home Saturday night, and one managed to hit a 16 year old girl while she was sleeping.  But she’s OK because she fell asleep with her glasses on and the bullet actually hit the bridge of her glasses and broke them but left her with only minor injuries!  Officials investigating think the home, not the girl, was the target of the attack.

California man Michael Heller had no transportation to his pending court date, and no way of postponing it, so he jumped into the driver’s seat of a 1989 Ford Ranger and sped off.  The only problem was…it wasn’t his and as its owner was working on it at the time.  Heller didn’t make it very far before cops spotted the truck. The arresting officers didn’t give the 21-year-old any credit for having the “drive” to make it to court for the first crime.

snow leopardLos Angeles police arrested 16 teens who allegedly broke into a La Habra Heights mansion, held a wild party and then stole items that any teenager would want.  Medieval armor, scuba gear, Armani suits and a $250,000 stuffed snow leopard! The teen who stole the snow leopard said he grabbed it because “all the good stuff was gone.” When he was told what it was worth — $250,000 — the teen reportedly asked, “How many zeros is that?” Enough to get you charged for trespassing and grand theft.

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