How NOT to promote yourself on Youtube

marijuana bustA New Hampshire man’s attempt to teach agriculture on YouTube went up in smoke when cops saw his pot-growing tutorial videos and went to his home – where they found more than a dozen marijuana plants and a pound of weed. Kyle Berry had posted more than 30 videos explaining the ins and outs of the pot-growing business on YouTube, but got a little less careful as time went on – to the point where one of the clips featured a shot of a sticker with his name and address.

Tuesday a guy woke up in his bed next to a fox and yesterday a teen woke up with his head inside a wolf’s mouth!!  A Minnesota teen Noah Graham, awoke before dawn to find his head gripped in the jaws of a 75-pound gray wolf.  He managed to jerk his head out of its mouth and started kicking and screaming at it.  Finally, it went away.  Noah needed 17 staples to close a wound in his head and is receiving anti-rabies shots.  He says he won’t be going camping anytime soon.

 A Whatcom County sheriff’s employee saw David Wayne Jordan step out of his pickup truck and use a bow to launch an arrow toward the jail’s second-floor recreation area, but it missed its target.  Turns out Mr. Jordan had some marijuana attached to the end of the arrow.  While Jordon was being arrested he told deputies he had been aiming at a squirrel, but he couldn’t explain why he needed to attach marijuana to the arrow to go squirrel hunting.  Well, he gets an A for creativity but an F for severe stupidity.   

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