How NOT to promote yourself on Youtube

marijuana bustA New Hamp­shire man’s attempt to teach agri­cul­ture on YouTube went up in smoke when cops saw his pot-growing tuto­r­ial videos and went to his home – where they found more than a dozen mar­i­juana plants and a pound of weed. Kyle Berry had posted more than 30 videos explain­ing the ins and outs of the pot-growing busi­ness on YouTube, but got a lit­tle less care­ful as time went on – to the point where one of the clips fea­tured a shot of a sticker with his name and address.

Tues­day a guy woke up in his bed next to a fox and yes­ter­day a teen woke up with his head inside a wolf’s mouth!!  A Min­nesota teen Noah Gra­ham, awoke before dawn to find his head gripped in the jaws of a 75-pound gray wolf.  He man­aged to jerk his head out of its mouth and started kick­ing and scream­ing at it.  Finally, it went away.  Noah needed 17 sta­ples to close a wound in his head and is receiv­ing anti-rabies shots.  He says he won’t be going camp­ing any­time soon.

 A What­com County sheriff’s employee saw David Wayne Jor­dan step out of his pickup truck and use a bow to launch an arrow toward the jail’s second-floor recre­ation area, but it missed its tar­get.  Turns out Mr. Jor­dan had some mar­i­juana attached to the end of the arrow.  While Jor­don was being arrested he told deputies he had been aim­ing at a squir­rel, but he couldn’t explain why he needed to attach mar­i­juana to the arrow to go squir­rel hunt­ing.  Well, he gets an A for cre­ativ­ity but an F for severe stu­pid­ity.   

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