How rude!

How rude! 
An Australian man described as “the neighbor from hell” is now pointing the finger at other residents of his street — literally. He used a chainsaw to create a four-foot high sculpture of a middle finger that now stands in the middle of his front yard. The unidentified man reportedly caused a ruckus by using a leaf-blower to propel his trash onto neighbors’ property, then blowing it in a woman’s face when she complained. He’s also been cited for playing his stereo at loud volumes late at night despite police cautions to quiet down.His lawyer says the man is trying to adopt “new strategies” to avoid conflict. Flipping the bird and a chain saw?? How bout simple therapy?

Shooting the crap
A Pennsylvania man was arrested for a shooting that occurred inside a bar!  Police received a report that Leroy Smith shot up the toilet at Shooter’s Bar in Wilkes-Barre, causing hundreds of dollars in damages. After the shooting, Smith walked out of the bar and returned five minutes later.  Hmm, maybe he still had to “go”.Cops recovered the gun, which turned out to be stolen, under the seat of a stranger’s car.

Nothing to hide except the smirk on his face
Derek Knight startled a resident of a condominium complex by camping out in one of her lawn chairs wearing nothing but sunglasses and a bandana. When he refused to leave, she called cops, who hauled him back to the jail he’d been sprung from just hours before for stealing a car and partaking in hashish while driving.

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