How rude!

How rude! 
An Aus­tralian man described as “the neigh­bor from hell” is now point­ing the fin­ger at other res­i­dents of his street — lit­er­ally. He used a chain­saw to cre­ate a four-foot high sculp­ture of a mid­dle fin­ger that now stands in the mid­dle of his front yard. The uniden­ti­fied man report­edly caused a ruckus by using a leaf-blower to pro­pel his trash onto neigh­bors’ prop­erty, then blow­ing it in a woman’s face when she com­plained. He’s also been cited for play­ing his stereo at loud vol­umes late at night despite police cau­tions to quiet down.His lawyer says the man is try­ing to adopt “new strate­gies” to avoid con­flict. Flip­ping the bird and a chain saw?? How bout sim­ple therapy?

Shoot­ing the crap
A Penn­syl­va­nia man was arrested for a shoot­ing that occurred inside a bar!  Police received a report that Leroy Smith shot up the toi­let at Shooter’s Bar in Wilkes-Barre, caus­ing hun­dreds of dol­lars in dam­ages. After the shoot­ing, Smith walked out of the bar and returned five min­utes later.  Hmm, maybe he still had to “go”.Cops recov­ered the gun, which turned out to be stolen, under the seat of a stranger’s car.

Noth­ing to hide except the smirk on his face
Derek Knight star­tled a res­i­dent of a con­do­minium com­plex by camp­ing out in one of her lawn chairs wear­ing noth­ing but sun­glasses and a ban­dana. When he refused to leave, she called cops, who hauled him back to the jail he’d been sprung from just hours before for steal­ing a car and par­tak­ing in hashish while driving.

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