I smell a rat...or is that apple cake?

It’s tough to think of a less appetizing way to celebrate one’s 96th birthday. Joseph Vallenti’s request for his big day rat cakewas a slice of his favorite German apple cake, made by King Kullen supermarket. After taking the 1st bite the birthday boy said, “Something isn’t right.” Indeed. His niece’s boyfriend decided to inspect the uncut portion of the cake and found the remnants of a rat inside! King Kullen says they have “taken immediate precautionary measures, including removing the cakes and conducting thorough inspections” to find out what happened.

For generations, the legend of Bigfoot has drawn wanna-be believers deep into the forest in search of proof of the large, human-like creature. Typically, sightings have been in the woods of the Pacific Northwest and occasionally elsewhere. However, if one Michigan family is to be believed, Bigfoot has left the forest in favor of a more urban environment. A man named C. Brown says he was driving with his wife and two kids in Detroit when they noticed what appeared to be Sasquatch climbing out the window of an abandoned building. Brown says it was a large ape-like creature with red hair, a human face and a triangular head.  Ummmm sounds like a homeless dude who needs to shave. 

Joshua Barrant and Elisha Glenn walked into a thrift shop brandishing what appeared to be a gun, but was actually a pole stuffed into a bright red stocking. The plan unraveled when a clerk saw through the bandana disguises they were sporting and addressed Barrant by saying, “Hey J.J., is that you?”  The robbers fled, but were captured nearby with Barrant admitting he floated the idea of a heist because he couldn’t think of anything better to do.

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