I smell a rat

Air­port main­te­nance work­ers in Moscow noticed blood stains on the main land­ing gear of an iFly Air­bus A330-300 that had just
flown in from Italy. They found a dead man with a Geor­gia pass­port inside the wheel well! The plane had made seven flights before the
remains were dis­cov­ered & autopsy results revealed the man had frozen to death. The Inves­tiga­tive Com­mit­tee said on its web­site. “The man was appar­ently fly­ing with­out a ticket.” Gee, you think so?  Wouldn’t you think the guy would want a seat on the plane if he paid for it??

ratA lot of crim­i­nals are done in by talk­a­tive rats, but a Florida crook got busted because of an imag­i­nary one.  Ray Stoup brought two cases of beer to the Cir­cle K cashier’s sta­tion from the store’s walk-in refrig­er­a­tor and told an employee that there was a dead rat lying in the mid­dle of the floor. She walked over to look for the croaked crit­ter, but found noth­ing – and when she turned around, she saw Stoup scur­ry­ing towards the door car­ry­ing the brewskis.  A pass­ing cop saw the man run­ning down the street so he fol­lowed Stoup home, arriv­ing at the thirsty thief’s doorstep right around the time the call about the theft came in.

Dr. Robert C. John­son attracted the atten­tion of police by blow­ing through sev­eral stop signs at a high rate of speed, wav­ing at a patrol car as he went by. He led a high speed chase right to his own home – where he grabbed an Amer­i­can flag and a nov­elty horn, which he honked at deputies as he marched up and down his dri­ve­way.  After they cuffed the good doc­tor, cops decided to search the truck, where they found a loaded hand­gun, a machete and a lit­tle over an ounce of mar­i­juana. Allen had been prac­tic­ing med­i­cine on pro­ba­tion, fol­low­ing two pre­vi­ous booze-related arrests. Oh, and the Dr. was in his underware.

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