If a man gobbles and is shot, was he really a deer?

Clint Galen­tine, was walk­ing with a friend in a wildlife man­age­ment area prac­tic­ing his turkey calls turkeywhen two bul­lets struck him in the left side; one shot passed through his arm and broke a bone! The hunter, 43-year-old Michael Trott, thought Galen­tine was a deer and rushed over to apol­o­gize.  Trott did have the proper required firearm and hunt­ing licenses.  Well, for deer any­way.  

Derek Doer­schel and his fianceé Danielle Green walked into their home and noticed some unusual redec­o­rat­ing — like hav­ing all their clothes tossed into the sinks, a large crab bal­anced on the han­dle­bars of a bicy­cle and their credit cards stuffed into muffins on the kitchen counter. They imme­di­ately sus­pected neigh­bor David Stolte, who was spot­ted squat­ting in an alley­way between the homes with his hands on his head.  Stolte had dropped some acid and decided he was Jack Bauer from 24 when he decided to redec­o­rate. Stolte’s mother acknowl­edged that her son has “issues,” but insisted he is inca­pable of harm­ing any­one, just dam­ag­ing property.

On Sun­day, Yang Jin­hai climbed a tree at the Chengdu Zoo and low­ered him­self into the tiger enclo­sure, where he “per­formed exag­ger­ated move­ments” for 20 min­utes, try­ing to get the tigers to eat him. He was scratched and even dragged by the back of his neck as zoo vis­i­tors watched, but ulti­mately the tigers weren’t inter­ested in eat­ing him. Zoo offi­cials even­tu­ally tran­quil­ized the tigers and res­cued Yang, who is now being treated for depres­sion. In the Daily Mail’s telling, Yang was look­ing to end his life on behalf of the “noble and mag­nif­i­cent” tigers. Appar­ently he objected to the tigers being cooped up and saw his move as a sac­ri­fice in sup­port of the creatures.


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