If a man gobbles and is shot, was he really a deer?

Clint Galentine, was walking with a friend in a wildlife management area practicing his turkey calls turkeywhen two bullets struck him in the left side; one shot passed through his arm and broke a bone! The hunter, 43-year-old Michael Trott, thought Galentine was a deer and rushed over to apologize.  Trott did have the proper required firearm and hunting licenses.  Well, for deer anyway.  

Derek Doerschel and his fianceé Danielle Green walked into their home and noticed some unusual redecorating — like having all their clothes tossed into the sinks, a large crab balanced on the handlebars of a bicycle and their credit cards stuffed into muffins on the kitchen counter. They immediately suspected neighbor David Stolte, who was spotted squatting in an alleyway between the homes with his hands on his head.  Stolte had dropped some acid and decided he was Jack Bauer from 24 when he decided to redecorate. Stolte’s mother acknowledged that her son has “issues,” but insisted he is incapable of harming anyone, just damaging property.

On Sunday, Yang Jinhai climbed a tree at the Chengdu Zoo and lowered himself into the tiger enclosure, where he “performed exaggerated movements” for 20 minutes, trying to get the tigers to eat him. He was scratched and even dragged by the back of his neck as zoo visitors watched, but ultimately the tigers weren’t interested in eating him. Zoo officials eventually tranquilized the tigers and rescued Yang, who is now being treated for depression. In the Daily Mail’s telling, Yang was looking to end his life on behalf of the “noble and magnificent” tigers. Apparently he objected to the tigers being cooped up and saw his move as a sacrifice in support of the creatures.


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