If the Holy Spirit has a blood type, it's not this guy's.

We’ve seen pic­tures of Jesus in toast, on an air con­di­tioner and even in the hair on a dog’s butt but we’ve never heard this story before. holy_spirit_ornamentAnthoney Stan­ley allegedly rear-ended a car in Tacoma, yelled at the other dri­ver and then took off down the road to a gas sta­tion to demanded free gas. He attempted to take two pack­ages of dough­nuts after admit­ting that he had no money. When the station’s clerk locked the reg­is­ter, he lunged across the counter in an attempt to grab some fast cash. He also report­edly hurled curses and tossed actual objects in the direc­tion of the clerk and a wit­ness. A police dog was even­tu­ally able to locate Stan­ley and he “appeared to be under the influ­ence of stim­u­lants at the time” of his arrest. Stan­ley insisted he was not on drugs. “He said he is filled with the Holy Spirit and said the offi­cer could draw his blood, but all he would find would be God,” accord­ing to the charg­ing doc­u­ments. After Stan­ley had his blood drawn, he was charged with attempted rob­bery, DUI, hit and run, dri­ving with a sus­pended license and fail­ing to use the required
igni­tion inter­lock device. God must have been on a vaca­tion and really, who can blame him?


Police in Aus­tralia say a man had a long wig on and was wear­ing a dress when he sud­denly came crash­ing through the roof of an adult store. He pan­icked and started throw­ing the toys at a worker before climb­ing back up onto the roof! When police arrived, they appre­hended the man and arrested him for break­ing and enter­ing and drug pos­ses­sion.
Police in Min­nesota stopped Cathy Sanchez for speed­ing and swerv­ing and then failed a series of sobri­ety tests. But when cops pat­ted her down they dis­cov­ered that her pock­ets were stuffed with jello shots. She also gave the cops a fake name and fail­ing to tell them that she had a sus­pended license. Oh, and she had pre­vi­ously been busted five times for drunk dri­ving and had a con­cealed weapons con­vic­tion. She’s look­ing at some seri­ous jail time. Bet she could use some jello shots now

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