If the Holy Spirit has a blood type, it's not this guy's.

We’ve seen pictures of Jesus in toast, on an air conditioner and even in the hair on a dog’s butt but we’ve never heard this story before. holy_spirit_ornamentAnthoney Stanley allegedly rear-ended a car in Tacoma, yelled at the other driver and then took off down the road to a gas station to demanded free gas. He attempted to take two packages of doughnuts after admitting that he had no money. When the station’s clerk locked the register, he lunged across the counter in an attempt to grab some fast cash. He also reportedly hurled curses and tossed actual objects in the direction of the clerk and a witness. A police dog was eventually able to locate Stanley and he “appeared to be under the influence of stimulants at the time” of his arrest. Stanley insisted he was not on drugs. “He said he is filled with the Holy Spirit and said the officer could draw his blood, but all he would find would be God,” according to the charging documents. After Stanley had his blood drawn, he was charged with attempted robbery, DUI, hit and run, driving with a suspended license and failing to use the required
ignition interlock device. God must have been on a vacation and really, who can blame him?


Police in Australia say a man had a long wig on and was wearing a dress when he suddenly came crashing through the roof of an adult store. He panicked and started throwing the toys at a worker before climbing back up onto the roof! When police arrived, they apprehended the man and arrested him for breaking and entering and drug possession.
Police in Minnesota stopped Cathy Sanchez for speeding and swerving and then failed a series of sobriety tests. But when cops patted her down they discovered that her pockets were stuffed with jello shots. She also gave the cops a fake name and failing to tell them that she had a suspended license. Oh, and she had previously been busted five times for drunk driving and had a concealed weapons conviction. She’s looking at some serious jail time. Bet she could use some jello shots now

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