I'm with stupid

im with stupid68 year old John David Mar­tinez strolled into a Wells-Fargo branch, approached a teller to hand her a bag and a note telling her to fill it with money or else. While an out­door cam­era caught his license plate num­ber the indoor sur­veil­lance cam­eras caught a nice image of his face and his shirt – which had his name on it! This, of course gave cops enough evi­dence to hunt him down in a mat­ter of hours. He was booked on felony rob­bery charges the same day.



In Brazil, a 35-year-old vis­i­tor to a prison was caught with a lot of con­tra­band up his butt. The full laun­dry list included …
• Two cell phones
• Two bat­ter­ies
• One pair of pli­ers
• Two drill bits
• Eight small hack­saws
• Five nails
• Three sim cards
The guy was busted when he tried to avoid the X-ray machine and appeared “ner­vous.” Of course, it was a bad day at the office for the prison guards who had to get that stuff out of there. They don’t call it the Brazil­ian Butt for nothing!



Tomasz Mucha of Poland enjoyed a few beers and some vodka on his flight from Krakow, Poland, to Dublin, Ire­land, and got up to use the bath­room. He pulled on the door but it wasn’t open­ing. And it wasn’t because the bath­room was occu­pied. It’s because he was actu­ally pulling on the plane’s emer­gency door! He was able to lift the door han­dle but for­tu­nately couldn’t get the door open and the flight crew escorted him back to his seat. When the plane landed he was arrested and even­tu­ally slapped with a hefty fine. Strangely enough, this was his very first time on a plane.

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