I'm with stupid

im with stupid68 year old John David Martinez strolled into a Wells-Fargo branch, approached a teller to hand her a bag and a note telling her to fill it with money or else. While an outdoor camera caught his license plate number the indoor surveillance cameras caught a nice image of his face and his shirt – which had his name on it! This, of course gave cops enough evidence to hunt him down in a matter of hours. He was booked on felony robbery charges the same day.



In Brazil, a 35-year-old visitor to a prison was caught with a lot of contraband up his butt. The full laundry list included …
• Two cell phones
• Two batteries
• One pair of pliers
• Two drill bits
• Eight small hacksaws
• Five nails
• Three sim cards
The guy was busted when he tried to avoid the X-ray machine and appeared “nervous.” Of course, it was a bad day at the office for the prison guards who had to get that stuff out of there. They don’t call it the Brazilian Butt for nothing!



Tomasz Mucha of Poland enjoyed a few beers and some vodka on his flight from Krakow, Poland, to Dublin, Ireland, and got up to use the bathroom. He pulled on the door but it wasn’t opening. And it wasn’t because the bathroom was occupied. It’s because he was actually pulling on the plane’s emergency door! He was able to lift the door handle but fortunately couldn’t get the door open and the flight crew escorted him back to his seat. When the plane landed he was arrested and eventually slapped with a hefty fine. Strangely enough, this was his very first time on a plane.

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