In deep doo - doo

Two women from Ecuador who wanted to be rolling in dough were arrested for actually rolling up dough – a half-million dollars worth that they’d inserted into all of their body cavities!  The ladies, whose names were not released, were busted at Amsterdam’s airport after customs officials found about 10 grand in undeclared cash in one of their suitcases. Suspicious due to that find, authorities decided to search the women’s bodies as well, and got more than they bargained for.

A group of Brits gave new meaning to the term “dead drunk” by staging a pub crawl in the honor of a recently deceased pal – and taking his corpse along for the ride!  Friends of David William Sachs hoisted his coffin onto the back of a bulldozer so they could hoist a few pints in honor of the retired ditch-digger. His son said that the event had been Sachs’ final request, and noted, “There isn’t any pub in Brentwood he hadn’t had a drink in, and he’d always have a Guinness, unless it was hot.”  They managed to get pints of stout in 11 of the 12 pubs they visited, depositing each on the lid of the coffin.

manureA British man is in deep doo-doo because of his unnatural attraction to … doo-doo. David Truscott is currently behind bars after his third arrest for rolling around in cow manure in a neighboring farm in his native Cornwall. Truscott, had been booted from Clive Ross’s farm several times, and even started a fire on the property. When cops went to Truscott’s home to arrest him, they found hundreds of pairs of women’s underwear and scores of bottles filled with manure in various forms. His lawyer called him “a peculiar man with peculiar habits.”   I’d say so….

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