Is that a cucumber in your sock?

Gary Rough walked into a betting parlor hoping to rob the place but his plan unraveled when the clerk cucumberhe approached refused to cooperate.  It could have been because he was pointing a cucumber inside a red sock instead of an actual gun. When officers arrived to cart him off to the pokey, Rough said, “It was a dare. It was a [bleeping] cucumber. Am I getting the jail for this? I am not a robber!”  The judge found him guilty of far worse – sentencing him to three years for attempted robbery

Mario Lopez, who was wanted in more than a hundred break-ins in Northern California, went to the Yolo County, CA Jail to turn himself in. but when he got there, the staff was too busy to deal with his surrender…so he left.  Despite the fact that he’s listed as “armed and dangerous” on his wanted sheet!  According to the clerk on duty, Lopez waited for 15 minutes before taking off.

An Oklahoma man got hauled in for robbery charges after he tried to pull off a bank heist by passing a hold-up note … written on the back of a check he’d stolen from his mom!  Christopher Fulton walked up to the teller and slipped her the note, which read, “You know what to do or we all die. I will shoot you first $500 $100 $50 $20 $10.” Before she could act, he got cold feet and made a run for it – but not before surveillance camera snapped a photo that ran in the paper the next day. Fulton turned himself in soon after, telling cops he’d been on a four-day meth binge, and believed his body was in the bank, but not his mind.

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