Is that a strange protrusion?

TURTLE SNADWICHA Chinese man, whose last name is Li, was on his way to board a China Southern Airlines flight to Beijing when he was stopped during the x-ray screening at the airport over an “odd protrusion” that was sticking out of a KFC burger inside his bag. The man allegedly told authorities. “There’s nothing special to see inside.” Except a turtle. When airport officials asked, “What the heck?”  He explained that he just wanted to travel with his “beloved” turtle. After airport authorities told the man he was not allowed to smuggle animals into planes he reportedly decided to leave his turtle with a friend while he traveled.

 A confusing sign placed outside a preschool in Auburn, California is asking drivers to “Please slow drively.” It is unclear if the sign was purposefully designed as a word puzzle meant to have drivers slow down to make sure they’re reading it correctly or if it was just a typo.  As MSN Now points out, if the city’s intention was to have drivers spend a few seconds thinking about the sign as opposed to paying attention on the road it might not be that smart of an idea.

A Florida couple is in trouble after moving on a different kind of “take your child to work day.”  Paul Sherman and Nafeesa Robinson were arrested after deputies observed them breaking into cars in restaurant parking lots and cleaning out what they could – including credit cards they then used to fund shopping sprees. The couple was taken into custody in the parking lot of a Target as they were climbing into their own car – where their 6 year old son was waiting for them. They’re charged with burglary and child endangerment.

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