Is that a strange protrusion?

TURTLE SNADWICHA Chi­nese man, whose last name is Li, was on his way to board a China South­ern Air­lines flight to Bei­jing when he was stopped dur­ing the x-ray screen­ing at the air­port over an “odd pro­tru­sion” that was stick­ing out of a KFC burger inside his bag. The man allegedly told author­i­ties. “There’s noth­ing spe­cial to see inside.” Except a tur­tle. When air­port offi­cials asked, “What the heck?”  He explained that he just wanted to travel with his “beloved” tur­tle. After air­port author­i­ties told the man he was not allowed to smug­gle ani­mals into planes he report­edly decided to leave his tur­tle with a friend while he traveled.

 A con­fus­ing sign placed out­side a preschool in Auburn, Cal­i­for­nia is ask­ing dri­vers to “Please slow dri­v­ely.” It is unclear if the sign was pur­pose­fully designed as a word puz­zle meant to have dri­vers slow down to make sure they’re read­ing it cor­rectly or if it was just a typo.  As MSN Now points out, if the city’s inten­tion was to have dri­vers spend a few sec­onds think­ing about the sign as opposed to pay­ing atten­tion on the road it might not be that smart of an idea.

A Florida cou­ple is in trou­ble after mov­ing on a dif­fer­ent kind of “take your child to work day.”  Paul Sher­man and Nafeesa Robin­son were arrested after deputies observed them break­ing into cars in restau­rant park­ing lots and clean­ing out what they could – includ­ing credit cards they then used to fund shop­ping sprees. The cou­ple was taken into cus­tody in the park­ing lot of a Tar­get as they were climb­ing into their own car – where their 6 year old son was wait­ing for them. They’re charged with bur­glary and child endangerment.

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