It's a no pants, eat snacks, tv stealing kind of day!

tube socksAnna Desius and a friend were having a friendly conversation in her living room when Patrick James busted through the door.  James shushed the two women and attempted to hide in the home’s kitchen.  The women probably wouldn’t have said a word anyway – they were stunned that all the dude had on were socks! The sheriff’s office report said James was being pursued by deputies after stealing a TV from a nearby home, and James lost his pants when a deputy attempted to grab him. He shed the rest of his clothes while fleeing, the sheriff’s office.  I suppose to be a little more aerodynamic?

Maybe the 1st story will explain this one. Cops were called to Finn McCool’s home after a number of neighbors reported him acting drunkenly belligerent in his yard. When the deputies arrived on the scene, the 38-year-old began shouting obscenities at them, then turned his attention to the sky, where he flipped the bird at a whirly-bird hovering overhead. McCool eventually agreed to sit down and talk to the police, but wouldn’t say much, beyond repeating his demand that they bring him his “[bleeping] television.” He was charged with disorderly intoxication.  Ask the guy with no clothes on.

But what’s up with this lady??  Michelle Stephens was standing in a stranger’s kitchen grabbing herself a snack of milk and cookies when the home owner came down to investigate a suspicious noise. Oh, and the snaker didn’t have her pants on.  Or anyone else’s for that matter.  The homeowner asked what was going on, only to have the intruder tell her that she just wanted a snack. The resident says, ” She also got some pesto and pepper jack cheese.” Stephens, who briefly escaped when the woman went to get her husband as backup, was caught a few minutes later and charged with burglary and petty larceny.

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