It's a no pants, eat snacks, tv stealing kind of day!

tube socksAnna Desius and a friend were hav­ing a friendly con­ver­sa­tion in her liv­ing room when Patrick James busted through the door.  James shushed the two women and attempted to hide in the home’s kitchen.  The women prob­a­bly wouldn’t have said a word any­way – they were stunned that all the dude had on were socks! The sheriff’s office report said James was being pur­sued by deputies after steal­ing a TV from a nearby home, and James lost his pants when a deputy attempted to grab him. He shed the rest of his clothes while flee­ing, the sheriff’s office.  I sup­pose to be a lit­tle more aero­dy­namic?

Maybe the 1st story will explain this one. Cops were called to Finn McCool’s home after a num­ber of neigh­bors reported him act­ing drunk­enly bel­liger­ent in his yard. When the deputies arrived on the scene, the 38-year-old began shout­ing obscen­i­ties at them, then turned his atten­tion to the sky, where he flipped the bird at a whirly-bird hov­er­ing over­head. McCool even­tu­ally agreed to sit down and talk to the police, but wouldn’t say much, beyond repeat­ing his demand that they bring him his “[bleep­ing] tele­vi­sion.” He was charged with dis­or­derly intox­i­ca­tion.  Ask the guy with no clothes on.

But what’s up with this lady??  Michelle Stephens was stand­ing in a stranger’s kitchen grab­bing her­self a snack of milk and cook­ies when the home owner came down to inves­ti­gate a sus­pi­cious noise. Oh, and the snaker didn’t have her pants on.  Or any­one else’s for that mat­ter.  The home­owner asked what was going on, only to have the intruder tell her that she just wanted a snack. The res­i­dent says, ” She also got some pesto and pep­per jack cheese.” Stephens, who briefly escaped when the woman went to get her hus­band as backup, was caught a few min­utes later and charged with bur­glary and petty larceny.

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