It's like finding a needle in a...toe?

An amateur tattooist who lost a half-inch needle in his arm was surprised to find it 40 years later—in one of his big toes! Ulf Bergström of needle in toeMala, Sweden, says he lost the needle while tattooing himself in 1974. He was worried enough to seek medical attention, but X-rays didn’t spot the needle and eventually he forgot about it. That changed last month when he felt an excruciating pain in the big toe of his right foot. His wife found a big lump there—a blood-filled pimple—which she pricked. Lo and behold, she pulled out the trusty old needle. “It’s been in my body for 40 years,” he said. “The only question is which route it has taken, that is something I would like to know.” This is why you go to a trained tattoo artist!

Tennessee man Andrew Murray reportedly entered SunTrust Bank in Neptune Beach, while wearing a mask and carrying an object wrapped in a black plastic bag. He then yelled, “Nobody is going to get hurt if you give me $50,000 from the vault.” Sadly, according to witnesses, the object in the bag was a stick but did get away with an undisclosed amount of cash. Police eventually located the 33-year-old and took him into custody after using a Taser to subdue him. Murray had $124 in cash on him and no stick.
An ambulance had to visit the Gamma Phi Gamma house at Wilmington College after 14 dudes were taking turns hitting Tyler Lawrence — in the family jewels with a towel. Oh, and this was going on while he was crawling around in a shallow pool of water and being forced to eat vinegar-soaked bananas. Unfortunately for Tyler, his kibbles and bits weren’t industrial strength. And he had to have a berry plucked from his twig.

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