It's like finding a needle in a...toe?

An ama­teur tat­tooist who lost a half-inch nee­dle in his arm was sur­prised to find it 40 years later—in one of his big toes! Ulf Bergström of needle in toeMala, Swe­den, says he lost the nee­dle while tat­too­ing him­self in 1974. He was wor­ried enough to seek med­ical atten­tion, but X-rays didn’t spot the nee­dle and even­tu­ally he for­got about it. That changed last month when he felt an excru­ci­at­ing pain in the big toe of his right foot. His wife found a big lump there—a blood-filled pimple—which she pricked. Lo and behold, she pulled out the trusty old nee­dle. “It’s been in my body for 40 years,” he said. “The only ques­tion is which route it has taken, that is some­thing I would like to know.” This is why you go to a trained tat­too artist!

Ten­nessee man Andrew Mur­ray report­edly entered Sun­Trust Bank in Nep­tune Beach, while wear­ing a mask and car­ry­ing an object wrapped in a black plas­tic bag. He then yelled, “Nobody is going to get hurt if you give me $50,000 from the vault.” Sadly, accord­ing to wit­nesses, the object in the bag was a stick but did get away with an undis­closed amount of cash. Police even­tu­ally located the 33-year-old and took him into cus­tody after using a Taser to sub­due him. Mur­ray had $124 in cash on him and no stick.
An ambu­lance had to visit the Gamma Phi Gamma house at Wilm­ing­ton Col­lege after 14 dudes were tak­ing turns hit­ting Tyler Lawrence — in the fam­ily jew­els with a towel. Oh, and this was going on while he was crawl­ing around in a shal­low pool of water and being forced to eat vinegar-soaked bananas. Unfor­tu­nately for Tyler, his kib­bles and bits weren’t indus­trial strength. And he had to have a berry plucked from his twig.

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