It's not a tumor. Oh, yes it is.

An Arizona woman is recovering at home after having a 47.5-pound (21.5 kg) tumor removed from her abdomen during life-saving tumorsurgery, doctors said. The University of Arizona Medical Center surgeons worked for 10 hours to remove the massive liposarcoma, a cancer in the abdominal muscle, that had invaded Marcey DiCaro’s largest vein.


Amanda Ezra, 24, died around 4:40 a.m. in what police said was a freak accident compounded by suspected drunk driving. The mother of three was riding in a minivan with four other people, sitting on the lap of a front seat passenger. She had her head out of the window to vomit and hit her head on something outside the vehicle.


The driver of the vehicle was charged with operating while intoxicated causing serious bodily injury and leaving the scene.Alfred Shropshire III might have been South Tacoma’s Mazda Saleperson of the month but he’s not a very good burglar. The burglary victim said that the perpetrator woke her up by tapping her on the shoulder.When she got up she discovered that her purse and a box of coins had been taken. How’d the cops find out that Shropshire was South Tacoma Mazda Salesperson of the Month and the “perp”? His plaque was found next to the yard of the burglarized home! Just as a side note…he was fired from that job in January! Who carries a plaque around….

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