It's not a tumor. Oh, yes it is.

An Ari­zona woman is recov­er­ing at home after hav­ing a 47.5-pound (21.5 kg) tumor removed from her abdomen dur­ing life-saving tumorsurgery, doc­tors said. The Uni­ver­sity of Ari­zona Med­ical Cen­ter sur­geons worked for 10 hours to remove the mas­sive liposar­coma, a can­cer in the abdom­i­nal mus­cle, that had invaded Marcey DiCaro’s largest vein.


Amanda Ezra, 24, died around 4:40 a.m. in what police said was a freak acci­dent com­pounded by sus­pected drunk dri­ving. The mother of three was rid­ing in a mini­van with four other peo­ple, sit­ting on the lap of a front seat pas­sen­ger. She had her head out of the win­dow to vomit and hit her head on some­thing out­side the vehicle.


The dri­ver of the vehi­cle was charged with oper­at­ing while intox­i­cated caus­ing seri­ous bod­ily injury and leav­ing the scene.Alfred Shrop­shire III might have been South Tacoma’s Mazda Saleper­son of the month but he’s not a very good bur­glar. The bur­glary vic­tim said that the per­pe­tra­tor woke her up by tap­ping her on the shoulder.When she got up she dis­cov­ered that her purse and a box of coins had been taken. How’d the cops find out that Shrop­shire was South Tacoma Mazda Sales­per­son of the Month and the “perp”? His plaque was found next to the yard of the bur­glar­ized home! Just as a side note…he was fired from that job in Jan­u­ary! Who car­ries a plaque around….

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