It's OK to love your pizza but not LOVE your pizza

You’ve heard the stories of the woman who sued McDonald’s because she suffered burns from their hot Pizza lovecoffee?  A British man is looking for a payout from a huge pizza chain because he suffered some painful below-the-belt burns after trying to top his pie with some sausage. The pizza lover, whose name was not released, sent a tweet to his local Domino’s saying, “I’ve just made love to one of your pizzas and suffered sever burns on my privates. Please advise on your terms for a refund.” A manager directed the gent to a higher-up, which cheesed him off even further, prompting him to fume, “Your staff should inform customers about the danger of making love to your pizza. Why is this not in place?”  Ok, so THIS is why we have to put ridiculous warnings on things….

It’s generally a fine idea to set up a secure alarm system at your house that alerts police at the first sign of trouble. Unless, of course, you run an illegal operation inside your home. Such is the fate of 53-year-old Marlon Gene Kelley of Muskegon, Mich. Kelley’s home alarm tripped one day when he wasn’t home, and officers arrived at the scene and walked inside through an unlocked door. They found eight plants, five guns, and a bunch of grow equipment. For Kelley, it all added up to three to 12 years
in prison.

A Chinese woman is lucky to be alive after surviving an ordeal that will forever be cemented in her memory and likely give the rest of us nightmares. The 35-year-old woman was driving with her boyfriend when they took a wrong turn on a busy street. While trying to make a U-turn, their car was hit from behind by a cement truck, which spilled its contests all over the vehicle, completely covering it in cement! The boyfriend was able to get himself out of the car while the woman remained inside for 40 minutes until rescuers were able to pull her out. She suffered only some minor cuts and bruises and probably dumped the guy for leaving her behind.

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