It's OK to love your pizza but not LOVE your pizza

You’ve heard the sto­ries of the woman who sued McDonald’s because she suf­fered burns from their hot Pizza lovecof­fee?  A British man is look­ing for a pay­out from a huge pizza chain because he suf­fered some painful below-the-belt burns after try­ing to top his pie with some sausage. The pizza lover, whose name was not released, sent a tweet to his local Domino’s say­ing, “I’ve just made love to one of your piz­zas and suf­fered sever burns on my pri­vates. Please advise on your terms for a refund.” A man­ager directed the gent to a higher-up, which cheesed him off even fur­ther, prompt­ing him to fume, “Your staff should inform cus­tomers about the dan­ger of mak­ing love to your pizza. Why is this not in place?”  Ok, so THIS is why we have to put ridicu­lous warn­ings on things.…

It’s gen­er­ally a fine idea to set up a secure alarm sys­tem at your house that alerts police at the first sign of trou­ble. Unless, of course, you run an ille­gal oper­a­tion inside your home. Such is the fate of 53-year-old Mar­lon Gene Kel­ley of Muskegon, Mich. Kelley’s home alarm tripped one day when he wasn’t home, and offi­cers arrived at the scene and walked inside through an unlocked door. They found eight plants, five guns, and a bunch of grow equip­ment. For Kel­ley, it all added up to three to 12 years
in prison.

A Chi­nese woman is lucky to be alive after sur­viv­ing an ordeal that will for­ever be cemented in her mem­ory and likely give the rest of us night­mares. The 35-year-old woman was dri­ving with her boyfriend when they took a wrong turn on a busy street. While try­ing to make a U-turn, their car was hit from behind by a cement truck, which spilled its con­tests all over the vehi­cle, com­pletely cov­er­ing it in cement! The boyfriend was able to get him­self out of the car while the woman remained inside for 40 min­utes until res­cuers were able to pull her out. She suf­fered only some minor cuts and bruises and prob­a­bly dumped the guy for leav­ing her behind.

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