It's too hot even for Jesus

A blistering hot day can make anybody thank the good Lord for air conditioning, so it makes perfect sense for Jesus to appear in an AC Jesus in ACunit. A Mississippi man claims that an old, rusted air conditioning unit contains 5000 BTUs as well as an image of Jesus. Christopher Goldsberry says he bought the old unit from a friend for $10 after noticing what appears to be an image of the messiah in the rust. He explains, “When I saw that, I was taken aback. I knew who that was immediately, so I had to take a picture to send to my girlfriend.” Of course he did.

A Chinese man and his family are now stuck in South Korea after his four-year-old son turned his father’s passport into his latest art
masterpiece. The child, possibly feeling his father needed some facial hair, drew him some whiskers and beard. He also colored in
his eyes and drew him some friends– all in black ink. When the father tried to board his flight back to China, customs would not let
him through to his plane. They are now both stranded in South Korea with no way to get home.
Police in Washington State say that a woman was sitting at a ferry terminal with headphones on when a guy knocked her on the head from behind, grabbed her iPod and purse, and took off. Police say the woman didn’t recognize the man, but the AP reports that she saw a triangle tattoo on his neck. Lo and behold, the next day she received a friend request from—you guessed it—a guy with a triangle neck tattoo. Twenty-eight-year-old Riley Allen Mullins, who police traced to the Facebook account and tattoo in question, has been charged with
second-degree robbery.

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