Junk in his trunk (aka: a live body)

North Miami Beach police said the door of the marked patrol car “may have been unlocked” when Stalyn Her­nan­dez, found a key inside the vehi­cle around 5 p.m. and drove off. “Upon dis­cov­er­ing that the vehi­cle was not where it had been left I began con­tact­ing my co-workers to see if any of them may have taken the vehi­cle for some rea­son,” says North Miami Beach Offi­cer Felipe Her­nan­dez, who by the way, police said is not related to the sus­pect.  Offi­cer Her­nan­dez and another offi­cer found the car in motion and pulled the vehi­cle over. Dri­ver, Her­nan­dez then imme­di­ately rolled down the win­dow and stated, ‘I just wanted to drive around for a lit­tle bit!” Stalyn Her­nan­dez was arrested on a charge of grand theft and taken to the Miami-Dade County jail.

Ohio man Rod­ney Watkins, was arrested dur­ing a traf­fic stop after giv­ing offi­cers a fake ID and taken into cus­tody on felony war­rants. While using the bath­room at the Golf Manor Police Depart­ment, police say Watkins pulled out a pipe and lighter and attempted to smoke some crack. Not the best pos­si­ble idea but for a guy who smokes crack, in his head it prob­a­bly was not the worst idea.  Watkins faces charges includ­ing theft, drug abuse, obstruc­tion and pos­ses­sion of ille­gal drug paraphernalia.

man in trunkA Cana­dian man showed where his pri­or­i­ties lay when police found his buddy stuffed in his trnck. Orig­i­nally, police in Hal­i­fax, Canada stopped the car because the head­lights were out.  That’s when they found the dude in the trunk and the dri­ver sur­rounded by 20 mar­i­juana plants. Cops the­o­rize the friend was in the back to make more room for the plants. The 23– and 24-year-old men face charges of pos­ses­sion of a con­trolled sub­stance for the pur­pose of traf­fick­ing and cul­ti­va­tion under the Con­trolled Drugs and Sub­stances Act.

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