Just alittle poop faced

A Florida woman was arrested after she got loaded and attacked her adult daughter with a loaded poop facediaper. 25-year-old Jessica Caldwell returned home to find that her 53-year-old mother, Christine O’Keefe, who was babysitting her two-year-old daughter, was drunk. Police say an argument ensued and eventually became physical. That’s when O’Keefe picked up the tot’s dirty diaper and launched the putrid pampers, hitting Caldwell smack in the face!  O’Keefe was arrested and charged with battery. Caldwell was fine … just a little pooped.

Some days you just have to admit defeat.  That’s the case with Texas convict Dyonta Rose who had been cuffed on drug charges by an officer who briefly walked away to prepare paperwork for the bust – allowing Rose to make a break for it. But within a few hours, the 29-year-old dialed 911 to say he needed medical attention because the handcuffs were cutting off circulation to his arms. The dispatcher sent help – in the form of deputies, who loosened Rose’s cuffs and took him back into custody. He’s facing drug and escape charges.

Mississippi man 78-year-old Walter Williams was discovered by his family without a pulse and not breathing. A coroner arrived and pronounced him dead. The following day, workers at a funeral home were preparing to embalm his body when they saw him kicking inside the body bag. He was alive and obviously very confused. The funeral home sent Williams immediately to the hospital where it was determined that his pacemaker had stopped momentarily and then re-started. When his family arrived at the hospital, Williams greeted them and said he was happy to be alive.


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