Lawless kisses

dog noseOne of Peggy Hill’s neighbors called 911 to report that she’d begun dismantling the fence between their properties without permission, so the dispatcher sent an officer to investigate. When he arrived on the scene, Hill approached him and gave him a big wet kiss on his nose!  According to the police report that also says, “He stepped away from her, wiped off the saliva off from his nose, attempted to take her into custody and she started to struggle with him.” The woman, who admitted to having three or so glasses of wine before the incident, was charged with felony assault.

Superheroes are fine to have around, but a 60-year-old neighbor who’s handy with a sledgehammer will do in a pinch. Wichita police say that when the 60-year-old woman heard her 48-year-old neighbor cry for help from the apartment next door, she bolted over to help. When she arrived, a man who was sexually assaulting her friend hit her over the head with some kind of chain. Though she suffered minor injuries, the woman still managed to pick up a sledgehammer and chuck it at the assailant! She missed, but he ran. Police later caught up with him and charged him with rape and assault.

A North Dakota woman got her day off to a crappy start when she walked into her kitchen to make breakfast, only to find a naked stranger using her dish towel to wipe his torso!  Gabrielle Thibert says that she’d locked her door, but that didn’t stop Cory Coste from sneaking in after a long night of substance abuse. The man didn’t display any aggression and just meandered over to the couch, where he proceeded to pass out, still covered in his own poop, until officers arrived. The fecal matter became a legal matter when Coste was charged with criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

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