Let's get physical...at the truck stop

Police say 56-year-old Joann Elizabeth Wingate posted signs at a nearby truck wash offering physicals for drivers who needed an updated joann wingateexam to maintain their commercial license. On at least two occasions, she picked up a driver and drove him back to her house where she performed the exam. The problem is she was fraudulently posing as Dr. Barbara Wingate. One driver said she did everything a real doctor would do and even took a urine sample. Police believe there may be as many as 16 drivers who received physical exams from Wingate. She’s been charged with forgery, fraud and identity theft, as well as drug charges because narcotics were found in her home.


A Kansas City man whose name was not released, broke into a costume store around 8:30pm before walking a short distance to a bar and grabbing a seat before ordering some wings. The irony here is that he was dressed as a giant bird. Several witnesses witnessed the break-in and called cops to alert them to his whereabouts – and they quickly showed up to grill him. One of those witnesses said, “We came in and there was a guy sitting at the bar, and he was in a really weird bird feather costume, and we didn’t think too much of it. He was really quiet. And the next thing we know, five cops show up and they go to arrest him, they handcuff him, he fights them a little bit, and they just drag him out and take him away.”
Carla McFarland says that she pulled out of the drive-thru at her local Sonic and began dive into her meal when she saw the packet in her bag of fries – an extra dose of happy that came in the form of a bag of weed. She immediately stopped her kids from eating their meals before checking to see if they also had the bonus packets – which they didn’t. According to a manager, an employee admitted the marijuana was hers and said that it must have fallen from her apron – an offense that got her fired on the spot. McFarland got free replacement meals for her and her kids sans pot.


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