Lizard heads, adding crunch to salads everywhere

Robin Sandusky had just begun chowing down on the kale salad she’d had delivered from a nearby deli lizard_headwhen she speared a bit of greenery that looked out of place. She told the New York Daily News, “I thought it was a piece of asparagus, but then I saw the eye. I was grossed out.”  I would be too if there was a severed lizard head in my salad!  Rather than call her lawyer, Sandusky just phoned the eatery to register a complaint – and was offered a replacement salad, which she declined, asking for a refund of her $4.25 instead.

Kevin Guy was pulled over for driving with his brights on, and cops quickly found out that wasn’t his only issue. It turns out that Guy was saucy enough to get behind the wheel with a suspended license – not to mention an expired registration for his vehicle. Those offenses were relatively minor, but the boneheaded 51-year-old took things to another level by handing over a recipe for a good rack of ribs instead of his registration. Cops tweeted a photo of the recipe and details of Guy’s punishment as a warning to anyone trying to cook up a similar excuse.

Florida burglary suspect Jordan Bodden, was in handcuffs when he tried to take off, but it seems he’d forgotten his belt and his pants got the best of him when they’d fallen to the ground tripping him up. Bodden is charged with three counts of burglary, one count of escape and one count of resisting arrest without violence.   He was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail and his bail was set at $31,000.

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