Lucky Kitten Sausage

kitten rollSome people have a lucky rabbit’s foot, but a lucky kitten skeleton? That’s the charm for a Thai woman who thinks that she’s destined for good fortune after finding the feline corpse in a sausage she was cooking for her family. The woman admits she was initially disgusted when she first cut into the sausage. But rather than toss the meal into the trash, she decided to build a shrine with the cat as its centerpiece, and pray in front of it daily. Once word got out about the altar, her friends visited and also prayed – with several of them winning money in the local lottery afterwards, leading locals to believe that the skeleton shrine is the cat’s meow.

An Alabama man who was nabbed for indecent exposure outside his local high school blamed the incident on being high … on Jesus. Ronald Fletcher displayed his naked fury after he was refused permission to enter the school and sign out a student, whose name was not released. He allegedly drove his car onto the lawn before stripping off all of his clothing and walking over to a school administrator’s car to urinate on it. When a responding officer asked if he was under the influence, Fletcher replied that he was “high on Jesus” and raised his arms in the air, “as if inviting lightning to strike him.” County mental health workers are reportedly looking into the 27-year-old’s mental health history.

A Kentucky man may soon be doing time after doing a bad job telling time. Employees at Roses Department Store heard suspicious noises in the ceiling and called cops, who arrived on the scene and began poking around in the rafters – where they spotted Paul Masters trying to hide behind a joist. When Masters tried to run, he lost his footing and fell through the ceiling, crashing to the floor. Masters told officers he was up there trying to retrieve cash that a friend of his had left there, but they found no cash, just burglary tools. A Lexington police spokesman said, “This is very uncommon for something like this to occur at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.”

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