Magic Pie

A Cal­i­for­nia fam­ily claims that a South Los Ange­les pizza shop served a pie with some mag­i­cal Magical_Mushroomsingre­di­ents! After con­sum­ing the pizza some of their fam­ily mem­bers became so ill that they were taken to L.A. County/USC Med­ical Cen­ter. Ava Far­ley said her 10-year-old grand­son, Clin­tay Jones, had an extreme reac­tion. “He started cussing, going off, talk­ing crazy, ran out the door butt naked!” When they reached the ER, doc­tors found mar­i­juana in their urine and began ques­tion­ing Jones about using pot. “No, all we had was pizza,” Far­ley said. Two of Farley’s grand­daugh­ters ate the pizza, but they removed the mush­rooms and didn’t expe­ri­ence any issues.

Cops spot­ted a Florida man tool­ing along a high­way while com­pletely dis­re­gard­ing the speed limit – by dri­ving five miles an hour.   Ker­pens Cierciera, who couldn’t man­age to stay in one lane even at that speed, fur­ther raised sus­pi­cions when he engaged the offi­cer who pulled him over in con­ver­sa­tion, then tried to shake hands – but missed the deputy’s mitt by a mile. When asked if he’d had any­thing to drink, Cierciera said he’d downed two mar­gar­i­tas with din­ner sev­eral hours ear­lier – then turned out to have a blood alco­hol level of .31, which is nearly four times the legal limit.

A Ger­man woman steered her con­vert­ible into a manure truck that unleashed its load all over her and her car! The woman, who was not iden­ti­fied, was drenched with dung when a valve on the vehi­cle in front of her burst, send­ing a brown geyser into the sky. More than two dozen fire­fight­ers and a pri­vate haz­mat crew were called to the scene to clean things up. Luck­ily For­est Gump was on hand to offer these con­do­lences, “S*** hap­pens.” 

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