Magic Pie

A California family claims that a South Los Angeles pizza shop served a pie with some magical Magical_Mushroomsingredients! After consuming the pizza some of their family members became so ill that they were taken to L.A. County/USC Medical Center. Ava Farley said her 10-year-old grandson, Clintay Jones, had an extreme reaction. “He started cussing, going off, talking crazy, ran out the door butt naked!” When they reached the ER, doctors found marijuana in their urine and began questioning Jones about using pot. “No, all we had was pizza,” Farley said. Two of Farley’s granddaughters ate the pizza, but they removed the mushrooms and didn’t experience any issues.

Cops spotted a Florida man tooling along a highway while completely disregarding the speed limit – by driving five miles an hour.   Kerpens Cierciera, who couldn’t manage to stay in one lane even at that speed, further raised suspicions when he engaged the officer who pulled him over in conversation, then tried to shake hands – but missed the deputy’s mitt by a mile. When asked if he’d had anything to drink, Cierciera said he’d downed two margaritas with dinner several hours earlier – then turned out to have a blood alcohol level of .31, which is nearly four times the legal limit.

A German woman steered her convertible into a manure truck that unleashed its load all over her and her car! The woman, who was not identified, was drenched with dung when a valve on the vehicle in front of her burst, sending a brown geyser into the sky. More than two dozen firefighters and a private hazmat crew were called to the scene to clean things up. Luckily Forest Gump was on hand to offer these condolences, “S*** happens.” 

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