Man becomes hood ornament and lives

hood ornamentSteven Gove, said he was heading home Saturday night from delivering the Lakeshore Chronicle newspaper on his three-wheeled bicycle when he was hit by a car and found himself crashing through the vehicle’s windshield. His entire torso was inside the car!  Gove said, “Well, when I realized I was in his car, I said, ‘Hello! How do you do?'”But the driver drove another block to his home before even realizing there was a man in his windshield and finally asked, “Who are you?” Gove responded, ‘I’m the guy you hit on the bicycle.” Gove was able to climb out of the car and says he does not bear any ill will toward the driver because it was an accident but says, “I just don’t understand why he didn’t see me.” Well, this might give us a hint…the suspect was charged with causing injury while driving drunk, hit and run, and failure to render aid. He spent Saturday night in jail and was released on bail Sunday.

James Grant is what most would consider a “manly man.”  He was spear fishing with some pals when he felt a tug on his leg and turned to see a shark latched onto the limb. He used his fishing knife to scare the critter away, then climbed onto some rocks and stitched up a five-inch gash using a needle and thread from his first aid kit. Grant then decided to sterilize the wound with some alcohol – delivered by mouth at a nearby bar, where he was also given a bandage to keep him from dripping blood on the floor.

A Florida man was hauled in by cops after flipping his lid during a fight with his uncle. The uncle whose name was not released, was p.o.’ed when he called cops to report that nephew Norris Troutman knocked him off his feet with a toilet seat without any provoking. Troutman didn’t deny involvement in the incident, but said that his uncle was mocking him, and he was tired of being the “butt” of his jokes.  Cops logged the complaint and took Troutman into custody on assault charges.


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