Man becomes hood ornament and lives

hood ornamentSteven Gove, said he was head­ing home Sat­ur­day night from deliv­er­ing the Lakeshore Chron­i­cle news­pa­per on his three-wheeled bicy­cle when he was hit by a car and found him­self crash­ing through the vehicle’s wind­shield. His entire torso was inside the car!  Gove said, “Well, when I real­ized I was in his car, I said, ‘Hello! How do you do?’”But the dri­ver drove another block to his home before even real­iz­ing there was a man in his wind­shield and finally asked, “Who are you?” Gove responded, ‘I’m the guy you hit on the bicy­cle.” Gove was able to climb out of the car and says he does not bear any ill will toward the dri­ver because it was an acci­dent but says, “I just don’t under­stand why he didn’t see me.” Well, this might give us a hint…the sus­pect was charged with caus­ing injury while dri­ving drunk, hit and run, and fail­ure to ren­der aid. He spent Sat­ur­day night in jail and was released on bail Sunday.

James Grant is what most would con­sider a “manly man.”  He was spear fish­ing with some pals when he felt a tug on his leg and turned to see a shark latched onto the limb. He used his fish­ing knife to scare the crit­ter away, then climbed onto some rocks and stitched up a five-inch gash using a nee­dle and thread from his first aid kit. Grant then decided to ster­il­ize the wound with some alco­hol – deliv­ered by mouth at a nearby bar, where he was also given a ban­dage to keep him from drip­ping blood on the floor.

A Florida man was hauled in by cops after flip­ping his lid dur­ing a fight with his uncle. The uncle whose name was not released, was p.o.‘ed when he called cops to report that nephew Nor­ris Trout­man knocked him off his feet with a toi­let seat with­out any pro­vok­ing. Trout­man didn’t deny involve­ment in the inci­dent, but said that his uncle was mock­ing him, and he was tired of being the “butt” of his jokes.  Cops logged the com­plaint and took Trout­man into cus­tody on assault charges.


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