Man hates shoes so much he offs himself!

shoesA Chinese man reportedly took to drastic measures after his girlfriend refused to stop shopping. After shopping at a mall in China for more than five hours with his girlfriend, 38-year-old Tao Hsiao reportedly responded to her request to go into one more store by leaping over the railing seven floors to his death. Eyewitnesses say the couple got into a “really heated argument” about shoes before Tao threw his bags on the ground and leaped over the balcony.

Tennessee couple Greg and Stacy Terry came away with the happiest meal they’d ever seen after ordering breakfast to go, and winding up with an entire day’s worth of bank deposits! Greg opened the bag in hopes of getting a quick bite of McMuffin, and found himself face to face with Lincoln and Washington instead of Ronald McDonald. Right about then, a panicked worker caught up with them and pleaded that the couple return the cash, which they did without hesitation. Stace said. “There is no other way to have it. I couldn’t live with myself.”

A Kentucky man really got the crap scared out of him when he sat down to do his business in a restaurant men’s room – and shot himself with the gun he’d propped up on the toilet paper holder. The man, whose name was not released, took the weapon into the john while eating dinner at a local Italian establishment, and sat it down on the T.P., only to have the gun slide off and fire – testing the absorbency of the paper with blood from his leg wound.  While cops weren’t bowled over by the man’s intelligence, they don’t plan to file any charges, since he had a concealed carry permit and didn’t harm anyone else.

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